Game Guys review - Lara Croft makes triumphant return in 'Tomb Raider'

Lara Croft's comeback is now complete.

Square Enix and developer Crystal Dynamics breathe new life into one of video game's biggest action franchises with their reboot of Tomb Raider, a fantastic adventure and arguably one of this year's best games thus far.

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aquamala2056d ago (Edited 2056d ago )

Loving it so far, and looks phenomenal on pc, Definitely a goty candidate . Great job CD

xPhearR3dx2056d ago

Agreed. This game is really giving Uncharted a run for its money. So far I'm enjoying this more than any Uncharted game. Haven't played 3 though since the second one bored me to death.

RTheRebel2056d ago

TR is way better than Uncharted 3 imo.
But, Uncharted 2 reigns supreme in this genre :)

BXbomber2056d ago (Edited 2056d ago )

better than any uncharted? really? lmaoo!! funny i borrowed the game from a friend since he had it 2 weeks earlier before release and after I beat the game I was no where near impressed as i was compared to the uncharted series. This game appearance wise was as brown as an actual browny, the game overall tried too hard to be dramatic and there was the whole been there done that since i have played the uncharted series only this is drake didn't get abuse by mother nature on a daily basis.

xPhearR3dx2056d ago


You really need to work on your English, that was painful to read. "Been there done that since I played Uncharted"? Uncharted copied everything Tomb Raider stood for. So unless you happen to be like 13-15, Uncharted is a been there done that game for people who use to play Tomb Raider well over a decade ago.

Sorry pal, but Uncharted 2 (I liked the first one) didn't impress me one bit. The story was bland, the characters were dull and it was an utter bore fest. Tomb Raider actually has some depth to it instead of, shoot this guy, jump around a bunch of action scenes, solve mini puzzles and repeat until game end.

starchild2056d ago

Yeah it looks amazing on PC. I love the exploration, the graphics, the gameplay, the atmosphere, the animations, etc. It's a really nice game.

MEsoJD2056d ago

It's ok... so far it's been far too simplistic to me.

aquamala2056d ago

and of course there's a nude mod for PC already

HarryMasonHerpderp2056d ago


Ill have to stop you there, I've had TR since last week and played about 90% of it and it copys a lot of things from Uncharted.
Saying Uncharted copied the old TR games though is insane, one is an action shooter and the other is a platform puzzle game. Yes TR did the whole raiding tombs thing first but gameplay wise they are completely different.
The new TR however completely rips off Uncharted's action sequences, I've played all 3 UC games and most of the action had me rolling my eyes with a sense of been there done that.
The game has clearly taken notes from Uncharted.
Now when tomb raider isn't being an all out action game and you're platforming, stealthily killing enemies and solving puzzles in the tombs it feels much more like a TR game and that's when it's at its best. It's a great game and people should buy it, you can tell a lot of work has gone into it.
I loved just exploring the semi open world and finding hidden tombs.
It just didn't need the action sequences because TR was never about that.

Darth Gamer2055d ago (Edited 2055d ago )


I personally think your crazy. I also have played every Uncharted title including the Golden Abyss and Graphically speaking, I believe TR has trumped it. Don't get me wrong, the Uncharted series is top notch and some of the best graphics i've every seen in a game but they are way over saturated IMO. The level of detail is top notch in both Titles but is a bit more realistic in the New TR game. Either way though, I love both series. I have followed Tomb Raider since 1996 when the first came out.

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TheSoundDefense2056d ago

Wow, I don't think I've seen a perfect score from this website before. Though a 4/4 scale is probably more forgiving.

PhoenixRising372056d ago

I don't think this game deserves a perfect score considering the multiplayer is a poor clone of uncharted 2's. Not to mention that lara croft's dialogue is VERY weak at points in the story.

BXbomber2056d ago

I agree 100% with you, if it was any other game with a tacked on mp it would of been deducted a lot of points but i don't know why people are so amazed with this title. i beat the game and it honestly felt average AT BEST. I give it a 7/10 overall tho not bad but nowhere near as good as the reviews are portraying it to be.

HarryMasonHerpderp2056d ago (Edited 2056d ago )

Yes some of the dialogue from Lara Croft is really awkward at times. I think the voice actor is terrible to be honest.
On saying that I would still give the game 9/10 it's very well made and the scale is impressive.

Infamous22056d ago

There no way this game can get a perfect score lol, If anyone played the multiplayer and still consider giving this game a perfect score. I can't call that person a true gamer. The story so far is pretty good but for god sake they just added the multiplayer at the last min.

optimus2056d ago

I don't really play multiplayer if at all on ANY game and rate them on single player experience only, and i have yet to finish it, but as a stand alone game and from what i've played thus far i would give it a 9 and my game of the year including last year as well.

Infamous22055d ago

What is it that you like so much about tomb raider? For the story mode you are mostly looking for her friends almost the whole game and trying to find salvage parts lol.

optimus2055d ago (Edited 2055d ago )

Really?? Aren't you the one that said "...the story so far is pretty good."?... The way you break it down makes it sound dull and boring. If that's the case then i can make every game sound dull and boring... Why play sports games when all you do is run the ball to the other side like in madden? shoot the ball in the basket like in nba2k,...why stop there? In the batman games all you do is run around a city and beat up villains... In 1st person shooters you go from one level to the next shooting everything that shoots at you...

Going back to tomb raider i simply like the play mechanics, i love the detail, i like the voice acting, i like the way you can upgrade your weapons where you have to decide if you should do this or that 1st to facilitate your progression in the game...i like the way the story is told, sure you have to rescue her friends, but who is really her "friend"? ...

i like that she seems vulnerable and helpless at 1st but slowly she becomes stronger, mentally and emotionally...
through excellent pacing she draws us in on how she becomes the kick ass lara croft that we've always known her as...
i like the different ways you can approach a level and the enemies change their just makes me look forward to playing it again once i finish it. (i can't remember the last game that made me want to play it again). Not to mention the many ways lara can die...sometimes i die on purpose just to see what it looks like...

i played the 1st tomb raider in my 20's and it was a game that kept me playing til the wee hrs in the morning, now that i'm waay past my 20's not many games have given me that feeling since then...until now...
keep in mind i said "not many", so there have been some great games since then but they have been few and far between...

This tomb raider gives me a lot of hope for the future in that it will only get better for least for THIS series.

Totoro172056d ago

I like the game. I do. But there's no way in hell it deserves that score. I was hoping for some deep character development and it just feels forced, rushed and for the ADHD crowd that just need its injection of adrenaline every other second. Recommend it, but like I where near 100/100.