Microsoft To Become Film Distributor Via Xbox 360 Live

A small indie British film will be the first to be released solely through a gaming console. Pulp, a crime caper about the comic book industry, will be available exclusively to users of Xbox 360 from today--and, says Microsoft, using its gaming system as an exclusive film distribution pipe will not be a one-off.

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vishant1014102d ago

1 Step closer to the halo movie one day it will happen.

SJPFTW4101d ago

Rumour is Steven Spielberg has taken an interest in it and wants to direct it.

Root4102d ago

That film looks awful...

Jobesy4101d ago

I thought it looked pretty funny, I'll have to check it out.

aviator1894101d ago

looks pretty enjoyable to me, but i hope they have sci-fi flicks in the future.

Irishguy954101d ago (Edited 4101d ago )

**** taste you have young padawan.


It's no "Names greatest comedies". So what? Still looks reasonably good, especially in this day and age when the comedy genre has collapsed in on itself.

Root4101d ago (Edited 4101d ago )

No there's taste and no taste

This film has no taste...it seems cheap and tacky

Seems like it was made by a bunch of douchebags...it's no Anchorman/Big Lebowski/Shaun of the Dead/Hot Fuzz etc

aviator1894101d ago


and personal taste = opinion.
nothing wrong with having an opinion.

Root4101d ago

"especially in this day and age when the comedy genre has collapsed in on itself."

Yeah and this film is a prime example of that

Jek_Porkins4101d ago

If they could get great content like that Halo Forward Unto Dawn, I'd be down. People will dog Microsoft for branching out, but they have the money and resources to do more than one thing. The good news is that if you just like to game, you'll be covered, and if your like me and like to game and watch movies, shows and check out music and things like that, your covered too.

Options are a great thing. Honestly in the early days I'd play on Xbox 360 for a while, then watch movies on cable or listen to the stereo, now I pretty much never turn off my Xbox 360 during the day or evening.

GalacticEmpire4101d ago

Yet more evidence that MS are focusing xbox on becoming some kind of media hub rather than a games console, it's getting really hard to ignore the signs now.

For the record, I think it's fine that a console has media or social features but the main priority should be gaming. Sony have come outright and said the gamer will be the main focus, now I want MS to do the same or they risk losing ALL their core fanbase.

SDF Repellent4101d ago (Edited 4101d ago )

Hmm, doesn't Sony like owns Columbia and Liongate, you know movie studios? So why can't Microsoft venture into new territory and try something new with all the cash they are raking in? No, they are not loosing their audiences, a console is an evolution just like cell phones. Who would have thought cell phones can be the swift Army Knife it is today, the main function is still a phone but people can't live without the other added functions and features like GPS and internet that are standard in today's smartphone. So my question is, what makes you think Microsoft will abandoned gaming because they are expanding their portfolios?

GalacticEmpire4101d ago (Edited 4101d ago )

Yeah of course, like I said I have no problem with a console manufacturer delving into new territories to expand media features on their platform. The issue lies in whether or not this is taking the spotlight over creating core gaming IP's and putting the needs of the core gamer first, something which MS has yet to put my mind at rest over.

Anyway, what makes me think Microsoft will abandon gaming? I don't think that they're abandoning gaming just that their focus is on a casual audience now, which seems very apparent to most gamers from MS's lack of new core IPs and Kinect focus.

dcbronco4101d ago (Edited 4101d ago )

Microsoft has over 50 billion dollars in cash and gain another 10 to 15 additional a year.


They can walk and chew gum with that kind of money. So they can focus on a lot of stuff. Both consoles will have separate processors for media function so it won't have anything to do with gaming.

maniacmayhem4101d ago

Xbox should take the recently (unbelievable) canceled Young Justice and Green Lantern:TAS and continue it on their service. They would have a guaranteed NextBox adopter. ME!

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10 Biggest Xbox Mistakes of All Time (So Far)

The Xbox brand has done a lot of good over the years, but their various blunders are pretty wild to look back on in their magnitude.

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piroh4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

Ironically number 9 can save them at this point (releasing games on multiple platforms)

ChasterMies3d ago

By “save them” you mean make more profit for Microsoft. Xbox will still be a dying hardware platform.

OtterX3d ago

You could add the naming scheme for the consoles, it just confuses customers. I know they wanted to avoid traditional numbering bc it would always be lower than their competitor, but this whole 360 then One then Series thing is confusing af. Imagine a Soccer Mom trying to figure this stuff out. I still mistakenly call the Series X the One from time to time on accident.

RNTody3d ago

Don't forget about the Xbox One, Xbox One X and Xbox Series X! Good luck to Soccer moms around the world.

S2Killinit3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

They did that on purpose to confuse and direct attention away from the generational numbering.

MS doesn’t like reminding people that they joined the industry after others had already been involved in gaming.

For instance, they called the xbox “360” to combat PlayStation “3” because they wanted to seem like “more” than “3”, so instead of xbox 2, they opted for xbox 360. Also this had the additional benefit of selling consoles to uninformed parents who might purchase a “360” instead of a “3” by mistake, or because they thought 360 was more than 3. Kind of a disingenuous move.

They have been continuing with their confusing naming patterns for pretty much the same reasons. Frankly, it fits with who and what they are as a brand.

FinalFantasyFanatic2d ago

I can understand their reasoning, but whoever came up with that naming scheme should be fired, bad naming schemes have killed consoles (I'm pretty sure it was the major reason for the downfall of the WiiU). They should have had unqiue names like Nintendo and Sega have had for their consoles, far less confusing for the consumer.

Cacabunga3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

Phil Spencer is the worst that has happened to Xbox.
They built a respectable brand up to Xbox one. Then this guy took over and things became a joke

Reaper22_3d ago

He still has his job. Something you can't say about Jim Ryan.

Cacabunga3d ago

Both bad execs. One is on job and one thankfully retired.