Bethesda PaxEast Private Appointment Will last 3 Hours

GamerFitNation: "Bethseda the company behind The Elder Scrolls Online is confirmed to be at Pax East. GamerFitNation has an appointment with the company. While scheduling we were told that it would take multiple hours, three to be exact. The appointment will feature a hands-on with The Elder Scrolls Online which is supposed to last at least two hours."

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SweatyFlorida2052d ago

Nex-gen Fallout would be AMAZING!

come_at_me_bro2052d ago

only if its made by Obsidian, please.

porkChop2052d ago

Agreed. I felt that New Vegas was a much better experience overall than Fallout 3, though I thought 3 was still a good game. I'd love to see what Obsidian could do with a brand new engine and all the power of PC and next gen consoles.

LAWSON722052d ago

No betheseda made a better game and if it was not for 3 nv could not exist. Dont get me wrong nv was good but it is fallout 3 with new features. I would be happy to see an expansion made by obsidian though. Obsidian do not deserve the credit they get for just making a game exactly like fallout 3. All the credit should go to the original devs for creating the universe and betheseda for giving a tes style gameplay which made 3 and nv so great.

come_at_me_bro2052d ago

I agree, New Vegas is just Fallout 3 with new features. New features such as:

1) Actual role playing
2) Deep gameplay
3) A story that makes sense
4) Writing beyond fanfiction written by high schoolers

Crediting Bethesda for New Vegas is like crediting Epic for every single game made on the Unreal engine. They used their assets and their engine, that's where the similarities end. By the way, Obsidian ARE the original developers, just under a different name. Most of the original Fallout designers work at Obsidian now.

showtimefolks2052d ago

or how about the 2 combined, fallout new vegas wouldn't exist without bethesda actually making FO3 but obsidian actually made improvements over 3rd but also had a lot of game breaking glitches

so if we can have the polish and deep gameplay that obsidian brings to the table than i am all for next FO

i personally think obsidian are over rated, every one of their games have big time issues when it comes to glitches and bugs so either the publishers don't give them enough time or funds to fix everything but every game can't be on the publisher

alpha protocol is such a nice idea but inside the game its not done properly, its more like a beta

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xtheownerzx2052d ago

I spelled it wrong its Bethesda. My mistake everyone.

YourSavior2052d ago

Two hours just for The Elder Scrolls Online? Damn. One hour for a first showing of Fallout 4, perhaps?

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Eldyraen2052d ago

Hopefully other than just ESO they'll show some Fallout for next gen (can say its for PS4 at the very least) and maybe, just maybe, come out and announce Prey 2 isn't dead with a new trailer ;)

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