Xbox 720 games - Every single one so far

GamesRadar - Microsoft's Xbox 720 has remained illusive, but we have reason to believe that it will be coming this year. Sony has opened the curtain on the PS4, so Microsoft's next console can't be far behind. With the reveal of some third party games in the Sony Press Conference and the announcements of several next-gen games coming to the new consoles since then, we already have a pretty good idea of what to expect from the Xbox 720 lineup.


GamesRadar has updated the title for this piece, it is now:

Xbox 720 games - Every single one that's (probably) coming out

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TheCookieMonster2053d ago (Edited 2053d ago )


The Witness (Jonathan Blow) is not a 720 launch title

Unnamed Final Fantasy game (Square Enix) currently ps4 exclusive

Halo wtf they just made 4

Just Add Water Project (Just Add Water) currently ps4 exclusive

This article fails

aviator1892053d ago

I agree.
Halo is one franchise that will not see a launch game for the next xbox, unless it's something like Halo Wars or a spin-off like ODST.

Regarding kinect, I just hope the motion input is vastly improved.
Granted, I myself don't use kinect, but my family really digs it. I'm just hoping ms doesn't give kinect 2.0 any significant spotlight when they do announce the system.

Godmars2902053d ago (Edited 2053d ago )

Didn't they indicate that the next Halo series would only be on the 360?

And f**K I am done with this site and its one-item per page lists.

Seraphemz2053d ago

you can actually scroll throught the list.. doesnt load a new page.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2053d ago (Edited 2053d ago )

" Didn't they indicate that the next Halo series would only be on the 360? "

"Halo 5 Being Prototyped For Xbox 720"

I can't wait to see the xbox reveal. Multiplayer needs to be free man.. Do it MS!!

aviator1892053d ago

no, I don't the specifics of halo 5 and halo 6 platforms were discussed.

Mr Pumblechook2053d ago

So Gamesradar take the list of games coming to the PS4. They take away Killzone, InFamous and Drive Club and swap them for Halo and Kinect Sports 3! What a terrible, lazy, hit-whoring article.

ALLWRONG2053d ago


I wonder, hmmm... How many of these Kinect like rip offs games are we going to see on the PS4 with its Kinect-like-thing? DANCE GAMES INCOMING!!!

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Derekvinyard132053d ago

I think fortnight looks stupid ever since cliffs b announced it

Seraphemz2053d ago

"And considering the company's success with making Final Fantasy XIII multiplatform, expect a similar announcement for the Xbox 720." WHAT?? the 360 version was a!!!

creatchee2053d ago

Possibly, if you speak on terms of video compression and disc swapping, but neither will be a problem next gen.

PS4isKing_822053d ago

I didn't know there were any games announced for the new Xbox. Sounds like they're just fishin for hits. I mean other than kinect and halo that is.

maniacmayhem2053d ago

Seriously...this list was all "no sh#t Sherlock"

Not a very good article. It's amazing that people rag on Kotaku but give Gamesradar a pass.

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