Playstation 4: 5 Reasons We Need Backwards Compatability And Should Have Used Games

WC - As talk of the new generation of consoles has begun to heat up, there’s been two particularly powerful rumors swirling about. Rumors that if true could prove more damaging to both the Playstation 4 and the new Xbox than any other snafu in the history of gaming. I am, of course, talking about the continued lack of backwards compatibility and the possible end of used game support. Talks of both of these features have featured at one point or another during the gaming industry’s continuing narrative on the Next Generation, but more and more fervently we’ve been hearing these rumors that both of these features will be disabled. Some have cited the new PC-esque installation process that next gen games supposedly will require as the end to Used Gaming support; and as for Backwards Compatibility…well, Nintendo is the only one still using it, and Sony dropped it a while ago.

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Wizziokid2056d ago

I don't care about BC, I'll be keeping my PS3, just like I've kept every console from ps1, ps2, n64, GC, dreamcast, xbox etc etc.. I can easily plug them when I do want to play an old game.

it's no hardship really and sure when Sony do get this whole 'cloud BC' in motion then you have your service but until then just plug in the old console.

MysticStrummer2055d ago (Edited 2055d ago )

Being able to play used games >>>>>>>BC , for me. <--Opinion--

smashcrashbash2055d ago

Okay first of all Sony already said and it was repeated a hundred times that they are NOT blocking used games. So let this be then last time anyone says it.And further more no matter how much you claim you deserve it none of the companies have any obligation to cannibalize their previous systems by putting BC on the next one.Unlike you they have to think of the company as well as us.They are giving us BC just not physical BC. That is the option they are giving us.They have no obligation to give you BC at all if they decide it isn't profitable or cost effective.

Besides from what I have been hearing from sensible people not mob mentality ranters that BC for the PS4 would not only would raise it's price which would put them in a bad position to compete against the others but would also increase costs to actually implement the means to do so.And when Sony increased the price to compensate the cries would go up even louder that they will not buy the PS4 because of price. So the question is do you want all of what the PS4 offers at a reasonable price or are you willing to pay whatever more it takes for BC when you can just simply keep your PS3? Because if I know modern gamers you are not going to pay whatever extra costs it takes to create BC like the PS3 did.I would love BC too but not at extra cost

Hicken2055d ago

We don't NEED backwards compatibility. It's a really great thing to have, but it's not a necessity. And given how it was received- not very well- it's no surprise Sony would think about not including it.

Jadedz2051d ago

I'm be patiently waiting for the PS4 and 720 to launch, to see the full list of features they offer.

With all those hardware specs; the used game market would be terrible for business, so I wanna know how they'll both (Microsoft and Sony) counteract that threat. Guaranteed that both their consoles will be sold at a loss (subsidization might be an option), so there might be some form ''safety'' in play.