Assassin’s Creed III: Revolution Edition Announced, Releases on March 19th for $64.99 in Canada

EB Games Canada has just posted a listing for the Assassin’s Creed III: Revolution Edition, pricing it at $64.99 and giving it a March 19th release date.

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TrendyGamers2051d ago

I think we'll see a price drop on ACIII to $39.99 soon.

yewles12050d ago (Edited 2050d ago )



shivvy242050d ago

lol the original is 60 in Au

RTheRebel2050d ago (Edited 2050d ago )

$70 Next Gen
I Sense It =(

ironfist922050d ago

Cant say we didnt see this coming.

Wonder what the bundled edition of Black Flag will be called.

Sam Fisher2050d ago (Edited 2050d ago )

Gay edition lol

Not homophob, just saying

Dilldo_2050d ago

Lol at the author wanting to be controversial so he finds a country that sells games at higher prices and states it in the title..
Tell you what, next time find how much a game in Brazil costs and write about it too.. I'm sure it's more than 65 dollars

aPerson2050d ago

In New Zealand it costs anywhere from $90 to $110 for a new game.

Time to make an article!

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