PS3 Could Dominate This Year Instead Of Next-Gen Consoles

The media is very excited about next-gen consoles, which they should be. This holiday the consumer could have three new console options to pick from (four if you include Ouya). Even with the excitement of next-gen consoles, PS3 could be the big winner this year and could possibly sell PS2 like holiday numbers this year. Here are the reasons why:

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first1NFANTRY2142d ago

With a price cut at the end of this year, the ps3 will certainly kick into domination mode. Price is the only thing holding it back, not the games.

MysticStrummer2141d ago

You're saying a cheaper console with more games will sell more this year than a new console with few games that releases toward the end of the year? Shocking.

stylishjerk2141d ago

No, I'm saying it could possibly have a PS2 like surge this holiday season and beyond.