Thoughts About This Impressive, Final Battlefield 3 Trailer And On Games That Last More Than a Year

Kotaku - 1) I sure wish that a game like Battlefield 3 or any other online shooter could be as fun for neophytes like me as it appears in this trailer for the final expansion to Battlefield 3, but I'm sure I'd just die a lot if I tried to hop in and play.

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Majin-vegeta2056d ago

I still think were getting a Dino DLC.

Look what's in one of the new maps :D.

csreynolds2056d ago


Could this be proof that DICE is working on dino designs - this being a taster or what they're cooking up? God, let's hope so!

Blackhawk32056d ago

With the final DLC out of the way, maybe they can start showing off some PS4 BF4 goodies soon. :-)

Majors2055d ago

I think we need 2more map packs to keep us going until November.. The support has been immense from Dice But its only March and theres 8 months to go !!

Also we need a solo flight trainer as I cant fly for shit.. Need to practice those choppers, but there's always some rank 100 in a fricken jet just waiting for me.

TI_212055d ago

But they have to work on maps for BF4 as well. ;)

babis19742056d ago

battlefield 3 is the best!

papashango2055d ago

remember when online games were so good they didn't need dlc or stats and people would play it for years?

EdoubleD2055d ago

Pepperidge farm remembers.