Lost Odyssey - RPGamer Staff Review 1

Adriaan den Ouden reviews Lost Odyssey for RPGamer. His conclusion:

"Overall, Lost Odyssey's immeasurable artistic value make it a game that shouldn't be passed up by anyone who desires a great story. While its gameplay is unimpressive, though far from terrible, the amazing boss and story sequences more than make up for it. The main story takes about 50 hours to play through, but an impressive amount of additional content can extend that quite a bit. There is also a new game plus mode, but only character levels are transferred to the new game, not skills or equipment, removing any challenge and leaving behind all the work the player might have actually wanted to transfer. Lost Odyssey is hardly the greatest RPG of our time, nor even the best RPG on the Xbox 360. It does, however, craft one of the best stories in recent memory, and is well worth playing for that reason alone."

The full review individually scores the game's Battle System, Interaction, Originality, Story, Music & Sound, and Visuals.

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aggh im on fire4189d ago

I actually prefered this to the last few final fantasy games.