Next Gen = Less Jobs for Devs

In this piece RealGamerNewz analyzes some recent events including layoffs at a number of game companies and the shutdown of Bioware San Francisco (formerly EA2D). This sweeping trend is explained by a strategic move to value quality over quantity we are told.

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Derekvinyard132146d ago

Sad how many people are already losing there jobs

Godchild10202146d ago

It can also mean a better or different opportunity for them. They don't all have to do big AAA titles, they can start with indie games on the PSN, XBLA, WiiWare, PC, IOS, Android and when they get the backing or capital, then they can go on to big AAA titles.

They all have the knowledge to make a game and come up with a concept that can get the backing from Kick starter and what not.

SilentNegotiator2146d ago (Edited 2146d ago )

People don't seem to understand that jobs reduce in sectors for a reason. The big fat AAA title doesn't make sense all of the time anymore. Costs of being cutting edge increase all the time.

Smaller indie titles are EXPANDING for a reason, too; they're cheaper to develop, normally cheaper to purchase, and are easier to distribute thanks to the internet and cheaper distributors (they finally realize that having lower fees means more games, cheaper games, and more sales).

"Less jobs" may not be accurate, considering the massive influx of indie titles, of which you so often see veteran backing.

rezzah2146d ago

It is interesting, but lets see what people are willing to do with the new consoles.

Not everything has to be AAA.

I think the article points out the lay offs being caused by decisions inside the industry. A domino effect (lay offs) affects the industry from the outside. Plus there could be other minor/major issue that are not so easily seen. I don't think there is a direct cause, just a variation of causes.

RememberThe3572146d ago

On the other hand dev costs are going down, and the refocus on quality over quantity is great for the industry. I've always thought that the smaller inde devs where the best place to hone innovation anyway. They have more freedom to explore ideas and losses are far less devastating financially.

Publishers shouldn't sleep on the smaller projects though, The Inventors Dilemma will start to rear it's head and they'll only end up falling behind.

I'm excited for the next gen. There will inevitably be shake ups, some not-so-good, others elating. But it's looking like the gamers are going to get the sweet end of this deal.

sjaakiejj2146d ago

They're talking about 600-people teams at Ubisoft to develop a single title. That's up from 200-300 people from current generation titles. The next generation will create jobs, not cut them.

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The story is too old to be commented.