Lost Odyssey - RPGamer Staff Review 3

Michael "Macstorm" Cunningham reviews Lost Odyssey for RPGamer. His conclusion:

"Overall, Lost Odyssey is a very complete package. The story is solid, the gameplay is engaging, and the delivery is excellent. For RPGamers familiar with Sakaguchi's Final Fantasy titles, many elements of the game will remind them of some of those prior titles. However, Lost Odyssey tends to borrow familiar concepts and ideas rather than ripping off any of those older titles. Thoroughly enjoyable from beginning to end, Lost Odyssey shows that a traditional experience does not have to be a dull one. The game is very memorable and special credit for that goes to the character of Jansen, as he is one of the most entertaining characters in recent RPGaming history, and his voice actor delivers some of the best dialogue in the game."

The full review individually scores the game's Battle System, Interaction, Originality, Story, Music & Sound, and Visuals.

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