Pre-order, PlayStation 4, the invisible console for €587.49

G4MERS: "One of our readers suggested material for the news showing prices pre-orders on games and hardware bearing the brand PlayStation fourth As is well know, the price of the equipment, or games on it has not been disclosed, but is likely just that, or very similar prices will be at the beginning of the entry of equipment to be used."

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alousow2050d ago

IM not worry i already got 200 saved for the beast (PS4) n his kids (games). We got months the go. DAY ONE

Knight_Crawler2050d ago

Invisible console

Wonder woman approves.

iGAM3R-VIII2050d ago

I'm not going to believe what anyone says about the price until Sony actually say it themselves.

OccludedGamer2050d ago

Either way the pricing is messed up. Look at Shopto in the UK

That works out at about 460 Euros. This price is way over even for an early price

Clarence2049d ago (Edited 2049d ago )

Scare tactics people. They have no idea what the price of the PS4 will be.

MrDead2050d ago

It's invisible!!!! I'm ordering mine now, if it turns out not to be invisible I'm suing this site.

FlameHawk2050d ago

I don't think its going to cost more than $500, Sony knows from making it to expensive when it comes out will probably cause them to not be the best selling next-gen console. Price does matter, all my friends got a Xbox because it was cheaper than a PS3.

Qrphe2050d ago

Anything right now is a placeholder.

DigitalRaptor2050d ago (Edited 2050d ago )

I know, right? It really really pisses me off that people just find prices and make gross assumptions based on what? Absolutely nothing.

Sorry to be brash but anyone who questions this as being related to the final price is a fool. Zero common sense.

I guess I'll have a look around some retailers. Oh look....., let's see how much they have PS4 down as. £399??? That's cheaper than, they must be right.

See what I mean?

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The story is too old to be commented.