Nintendo Fans are Too Smart to Buy Third-Party AAA Games

GenGAME writes: "Touted as the most third-party friendly Nintendo platform since the SNES, Wii U had a bunch of third-party games at launch. Sure, most of them were late ports, but as I’ve said before, most gamers (believe it or not) are actually single-console gamers. Opening up a new can of games that Nintendo fans have never had the chance to play should work like a charm, no?

"So why didn’t these games sell on Wii U? Here’s a theory: what if it’s not about Nintendo fans not wanting to play anything that doesn’t come from Nintendo? What if it’s more about Nintendo fans being too smart to be duped by third-parties’ efforts to sell them on the same games that already failed to draw them to other platforms?

"...If developers don’t deliver the kinds of rich play-oriented experiences they crave – and that includes both Nintendo and third parties – they have no problem holding onto their money."

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NYC_Gamer3120d ago

Nintendo fans don't care about third party software...

legendoflex3120d ago (Edited 3120d ago )

Sure they do. Where do you think Mega Man came from? How about Final Fantasy? Chrono Trigger? Most of the popular Disney games back in the day? Why do you think so many Nintendo fans were lost during the N64 and GameCube eras, and why do you think PlayStation happened to become so huge at the same time? Why is my avatar for FFXII?

The question is: what did all of those games that people went after have in common that modern third-party games lack? They fit in well with the Nintendo audience.

chaos-lockheart3120d ago

Those fans all went to PlayStation.

Outside_ofthe_Box3120d ago

Wow good point and kudos for the FFXII avatar.

knowyourstuff3120d ago

Most of the time said AAA games are terrible ports that underperform compared to other consoles - see: everything AAA port that has ever been released on Wii U.

Nintendo fans are obviously enjoying much better games than that crappy Call of Duty port, and that other mediocre port of Batman Arkham City.

People buy Nintendo for a reason - they are diehard Nintendo fans. If they wanted AAA games from third parties they would buy a PS3 or 360.

Irishguy953119d ago

Nintendo fans are enjoy 10 games per generation.

kupomogli3119d ago (Edited 3119d ago )

Nintendo fans of the past and Nintendo fans today are not the same. I was a fan of Nintendo back then and I'm still a fan of their consoles today. However to me, Nintendo is nothing more than the second or third console. I'm a fan of video games. Couldn't care less what console it's on.

Nintendo fans of today just don't buy third party. There are a lot of hidden gem lists for the Wii floating around. You know why people make those lists, because those people are usually actual gaming fans that buy more than just Mario, Kirby, Metroid, Smash Bros, Mario Kart, etc. Now there are some Nintendo fans who are console exclusive who do buy more than just Nintendo products, but they're rare. Most Nintendo fans think everything Nintendo releases is gold.

I made mention one time that MonolithSoft was irrelevant to Nintendo fans before they became first party. Go look up sales to Dragon Ball Z Attack of the Saiyans and Super Robot Taisen OG Saga Endless Frontier. Both released in the US and both DS games. They sold very poorly. The Wii game they developed sold even worse. But as soon as MonolithSoft was announced as a first party developer and Nintendo announced Xenoblade, everyone was all over them and they immediately became the best RPG developer to Nintendo fans. It's sad. Truly.

DA_SHREDDER3119d ago

cause i already bought said games on the ps3, im not gonna buy the same game twice especially when I buy one copy, i can game share the other copy to my son's ps3. I'm just waiting on a "real" AAA game to buy, and they are bound to come. The best games are usually released around oct/nov. Oh and trust me, if I can't get my hands on a ps4 this year, I'll be buying watch dogs for the WiiU.

SilentNegotiator3119d ago (Edited 3119d ago )

Nintendo gamers are "too smart" for anything without Mario in it. Hilarious.

Nintendo fanboys' overzealous reaction in wake of the Wii U taking a dive past launch has been rather pathetic. They'll say anything.

Buff10443119d ago

How quickly some people forget about the NES and SNES days, when third party software on Nintendo systems thrived.

I've been thinking about would seem the decision to go cartridge with the N64 is what shifted the balance of power, and Nintendo (more like third parties) never recovered with GameCube.

ZombieNinjaPanda3119d ago

Realize that the quality of third party games ported to the Nintendo Consoles is abysmal now compared to what it once was. Do you think any Nintendo fan really gives a shit about a Call of Duty game that came out several months prior? Or how about a Batman game that came out a year ago? They really don't care about those.

bradleejones3119d ago

@ buff1044
Exactly right. N64 went cartridge because Nintendo and Sony dropped their partnership building SNES CD. Sony then developed their own machine and so did Nintendo.History.

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shutUpAndTakeMyMoney3120d ago (Edited 3120d ago )

Yeah you here that Rockstar??! We don't want GTA5!!

Lets make a petition to make sure there is no gta5 wiiU port! Whos with me?! Nintendo fans rise up!!
Now is the time!

jon12343120d ago

ha you had me there for a second

Apex133120d ago (Edited 3120d ago )

I would love GTA on Wii U. I love my wiinu but I also like thee consoles but third parties are maning lazy guts who should not be surprised when they put experimental games (mad world) crap ports and dumb downed versions of games like dead space out there.

A bad game and lazy work will always show.

C0MPUT3R3119d ago

Why would a Nintendo fan want GTAV?
Because they had such great time playing GTA III, VC, San Andraeas & IV on previous Nintendo systems?..Oh wait that never happened.
Nintendo fans truly live in neverland. And they luv themselves some port begging.

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LastXeno3120d ago

Nintendo fans were the ones that made MegaMan, Castlevania, Contra, Final Fantasy, Metal Gear, etc popular in the first place.

Root3120d ago

With FF and MGS they just established them in the gaming industry but the Playstation with Metal Gear Solid and Final Fantasy 7 is what made them more popular then they were

fsfsxii3120d ago

Oh really??
I thought that the first Metal Gear game was on the MSX...

TongkatAli3120d ago

No, actually all those franchises hit their high points on Playstation, truth ouch : (

Jobesy3120d ago

It wasn't Nintendo fans, it was gaming fans who made those series popular. I've always went with the system that had the most games that appeal to me. Those titles you mention are 3rd party games, and when the 3rd parties moved away from Nintendo, I moved with them, just like so many others. So again, it's gaming fans, not Nintendo fans that made those series what they are. Brand loyalty can kiss my ass.

MegaLagann3120d ago


Mega Man X6 was the series high point? Excuse me while I vomit. /jk

3120d ago
Heavenly King3120d ago (Edited 3120d ago )

yeah, and that is why all of those franchises moved to Playstation and beyond.

But left nintendo.

kupomogli3119d ago (Edited 3119d ago )


Bubble up because I agree entirely. It wouldn't matter what console those games were on, they'd still be great games. Nintendo didn't make them good games, they just happened to be on a Nintendo console.

By the way. There's a lot of people who don't know how monopolistic of a company Nintendo was back then. Here's some truth behind Nintendo way back then and why a lot of third parties abandoned them when the Playstation started to do well.

Back then, Nintendo had an iron grip on console developers and threatened them that if they were to develop a game on another console they wouldn't allow their games to be published on the NES or SNES. With how well the NES and SNES sold, they were basically saying if you turn your back on us, you're screwed.

You might make an argument, but Capcom games and other developer games are on the Genesis and Sega Master System. Most of them were arcade titles licensed then ported by Sega themselves.

You guys think EA and Activision are bad? I think this practice Nintendo had in the 80s and 90s was worse than anything those two publishers have done to the industry. I still like Nintendo games and Nintendo consoles, as I'm a gaming fan, but I've never had respect for Nintendo after finding out about this during the 32/64bit era and why Nintendo lost most of its third party support.

If it wasn't for Playstation, how well it sold when it released and being a powerful console with disc format, developers may have never had the courage to get out from under Nintendo. It's only for the reason that the Playstation sold well that developers knew they could be profitable elsewhere, and is now the reason why most games are multiconsole since developers aren't forcibly tied down to one specific console.

MaxXAttaxX3119d ago

You didn't have to necessarily be a "Nintendo fan" to play those games.

The companies that developed the games were the ones that made the games popular. FF and Metal Gear didn't become the huge success they are today until the PS1.

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Moncole3120d ago

They dont care about bad ones like CoD because they are smart but want good ones like Rayman Legends.

Baka-akaB3119d ago (Edited 3119d ago )

Let's see if that ends up even being true when they will post Rayman legends' sales number .

I'm of the opinions that bare some exceptions , many nintendo fans dont put their money where their mouth is and stick with the safe and familiar nintendo .

For all the anger about 3rd party support every new nintendo console beyond the snes , and pretense of caring about gameplay and quality moreso than gamers from other platforms , they drop the ball as much , if not more , on many ignored gaming gems .

Mind you the same can be said everywhere , especially for some ps3 fans constantly bragging about exclusives they dont support , but it's a recurring problem imo at nintendo's camp .

fr0sty3120d ago

All the more reason for Nintendo to stop making hardware and start making software for the other consoles. When the only reason people buy your console is to play your exclusive games, there is no reason to be making consoles. More money could be made from allowing those games to be made on other platforms.

kirbyu3120d ago

I highly doubt there are any Nintendo-only people who would want that to happen.

fr0sty3120d ago (Edited 3120d ago )

I never said the "Nintendo-Only" people would agree, but that does not mean it is not a smart business decision on their end. Could you imagine how many copies the next mario would sell if it were available on all systems? NSMB on everything from your phone, tablet, laptop/PC/steam/etc, handheld, to your console? Nintendo would laugh all the way to the bank. These are game franchises that EVERYONE knows and identifies with, even those who may not own a Nintendo console or even a console at all. N going third party would open those games up to all those people, and sales would skyrocket.

Not looking at this from a gamer perspective, but more from a business perspective.

Baka-akaB3119d ago

For starters you dont know if those people would still be around once they pull a sega . Especially if they start believing the quality of those games will drop once they becomes a multiplatform publisher

Sonic might still be a constant big seller , but it's a far cry from their hardware maker era .

fr0sty3119d ago

I think it's silly to assume that Sega stopped making games as good as they used to because they stopped making hardware. You are essentially trying to say that by not focusing on hardware at all, and instead focusing on software only, Nintnedo's software will somehow become lower quality as a result of this extra attention... Or that the innovation we've come to know and love will be affected by the fact that they are no longer limited to working with one device.

Nintendo has never needed it's hardware. Think about it, had they not released Wii, but released Wiimote and Wiimote enabled games instead for the other consoles, they would have likely sold more. Same as Wii U. Release the screen controller with a usb adapter for 360 and PS3, support it with screen-controller enabled games using fan favorite franchises, and profits soar. The last 2 Nintendo consoles have been centered around their input devices. If Nintendo started just making controllers and games to work with those controllers, but did not limit the gamer to what system they owned in order to be able to enjoy that content, Nintendo would enjoy the install base of every console buying it's controllers and games. That, in addition to not having to have anywhere near as much money invested into the R&D and launch of consoles, should lead to far higher profits than they have now.

Just my opinion. I know it's controversial, but the fact that they have focused on the controller for many of their previous consoles (N64, Wii, WiiU, etc. all relied heavily on their controllers to sell the system), and many of their gamer fans admit they buy those consoles for the games rather than the hardware, makes me feel that it would be their best option financially. Put all effort into making those games, developing new franchises, and quit worrying about hardware. Find ways to innovate other hardware with new controllers and games, and enjoy the savings and added profit.

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KwietStorm_BLM3120d ago

He's making a Kanye West joke. Everyone relax.

abzdine3120d ago

i buy Nintendo consoles to play Nintendo games and some japanese exclusives, no more no less.

blastcorp643119d ago

I'm with you on that. Japanese developers always start their ideas with a controller in hand first and I feel western devs always start with the graphics engine and just shoehorn bland gameplay into the mix. Platformers and fighters almost always play like crap by western devs compare to Japanese devs

solid_warlord3120d ago

Nintendo fans don't like to play masculine games...they prefer to play a game with a princess but unfortunately she is always in another castle.

MEsoJD3120d ago

If most Nintendo fans only buy first party why should Nintendo stay in the hardware game? Seems to me that they would make a killing as a third party dev.

Derekvinyard133120d ago

You never know, rockstar makes games for Nintendo now remember manhunt 2

Mounce3120d ago Show
3-4-53120d ago

The games have to be good to count.

kayoss3120d ago

Let nintendo fans keep telling themselves that. I was once a die hard fan.. But no 3rd parties games then I'm moving on.

quantae063120d ago (Edited 3120d ago )

@NYC_Gamer That's a lie! Because I know a lot of Nintendo gamers asking for 3rd party software, so they won't have to buy 2 consoles. But if developers are going to give us crappy ports with missing features why should we buy them. Give me a good port & I'll buy it. I buy both 1st & 3rd party games on my Wii U. I also own a PS3, and it's actually more for exclusives. But if I can get a 3rd party game that's not on the Wii U I'll get it on my PS3, or a port without features on Wii U then I'll have to be forced to buy the 3rd party game on PS3. On an end note.. GTA V is a must buy and I would absolutely love it on the Wii U.

corrus3119d ago

Yes they care only for Mario and Zelda

blastcorp643119d ago

Personally, as a Nintendo gamer the only third party games I've bought over the years are mostly capcom games and sometimes namco or konami. There are a few oddball games from treasure or other exclusives that I've picked up but at least 80% of the games I've bought are Nintendo produced or published so you are right to some extent. I think on the Japanese front Nintendo does have quite a bit of third party support and I will welcome platinum games (wonderful 101) with open arms. I just don't really care for games like batman, assassins creed or COD and I've played all of them albeit briefly on my brothers Xbox but they just don't have a strong hook to them.

linkenski3119d ago

I'm a nintendo fan and i care about it alot, but of course i wouldn't buy a game like Mass Effect 3, when i can already play it along with the other two titles in the franchise, on my PC or PS3.

I think the bad sales are due to guys like me, and as the article says, because there are single-console owners that just weren't interested in third party titles.

_QQ_3119d ago

you are right, as a nintendo fan i don't care about third parties on the wiiu, but as a sony fan i also don't care about third parties on ps3/ps4, i have my pc to play the superior version of third party games, a console is only as good as its exclusives, and nintendo delivers the strongest exclusives. especially now that Kojima and insomniac has gone third party.

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TbreakingP3120d ago

Very good as an opinion piece.

animegamingnerd3120d ago

why 3rd party games on the wii u failed is that they are being sent out to die cause the ports a rushed and they have been on other systems are a while and don't even get me start on why EA games failed on the wii u madden and fifa were missing features and mass effect 3 on the wii u came out just a couple weeks after the trilogy came out on the other platforms but zombiu was one the best selling games at launch and i imagine monster hunter will sale decently

UnHoly_One3120d ago


It's fun, you should try it sometime.

kayoss3120d ago

I swear to Nintendo, I understood everything you just wrote. O_o

animegamingnerd3120d ago

god damn someone actually did i am impressed

smashcrashbash3120d ago (Edited 3120d ago )

Well that is one way to spin it.Just sounds like another excuse to me.So what was the explanation for them not buying the third party games that were exclusive to their Wii like Madworld,No More Heroes, Muramasa: The Demon Blade, Red Steel and Conduit? Were they too 'smart' for those too?

legendoflex3120d ago (Edited 3120d ago )

Do you really think any of those games were ever "huge seller" material? Maybe Red Steel... but notice that games like No More Heroes didn't do too well even on other platforms (<0.25m on PS3, IIRC, vs. ~0.5m on Wii)

Meanwhile, games that ARE good fits for Wii like RE4: Wii Edition and Okami appear to have sold above expectations despite being old ports.

smashcrashbash3120d ago (Edited 3120d ago )

They weren't huge sellers because Wii owners didn't buy them. I mean really did anyone really honestly think that Black Ops was going to sell well on the Wii U? Since when do Nintendo fans rush for anything as much as they do the Nintendo staples? It has nothing to do with being smart.It's just how modern Nintendo fans are.It's the same reason why Rayman isn't exclusive on the Wii U and why Bayonetta 2 isn't going to break the bank on it.Compared to the sales of a new Zelda, Pokemon and Mario game they don't have a chance.And Okami didn't exactly break the bank either. Why? Because it wasn't Zelda.

just-joe3120d ago

No More Heroes is Suda 51's greatest hit and still his best selling "single"(not counting other platforms sells) game to date.

Madworld, made a profit, it just wasn't immediate. It sold a lot over time and so did Red Steel 2. It also made a profit in the end.

The Conduit is the only game on your list that didn't do well on the Wii and it was far from mature or good.

Wii games only needed around 200-300k to make a profit because they cost no where near as much to make as 360/PS3 games which were a failure if they didn't break 1 mil.

Get your facts straight.

lilbroRx3120d ago

What are you talking about with No More Heroes didn't do to well? That game is Grasshopper Manufacturer's best selling single game(not counting other platform sells) ever.

On the other hands, Shadows of the Damned flopped heavily on the PS3/360 in comparison.

Comparing numbers without context tells a very twisted story.

brettyd3120d ago

Yea thats it too "smart"