Rumor: Sony to Ship 16 Million PlayStation 4 Units in 2013

According to DigiTimes, Sony anticipates that PlayStation 4 will reach annual shipments of 16 million units in 2013. If true, this would make it the largest launch of any console.

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DarkBlood2057d ago

thats a large launch? i got to say im suprised i first thought it was comparably small, but if this is worldwide then im not so certain about this number

i better preorder immediatly after i find out the price

fabod862057d ago

Are you kidding right? XD
16 million shipments at launch, if true, it's simply HUGE...

jujubee882057d ago

Well, I am still pre-ordering. And I will be there at launch day, waiting in line!

Camp-time come holiday 2013! Wooohoooo!!! :D

ArmGunar2057d ago

That's a good news !!

It means, the PS4 will release in Europe too fall 2013, yeah :P

RememberThe3572057d ago

Yeah, thats double the best case scenario for a half years (two fiscal quarters) worth of system sales. And nothing in the article really supports the 16 million unit number. They have new markets in South America, Asia, and Africa, but these numbers are huge.

This is either bullshit, which it probably is, or Sony is gearing up to take the throne. By force.

Dylila2057d ago Show
TheTwelve2057d ago

One of those PS4s has my name on it....

iGamerZero242057d ago

And one of them has my name on it ! Can
Not wait till launch day

mistertwoturbo2057d ago

Most of my friends are planning to buy one on release day.

So I'm getting three.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2057d ago (Edited 2057d ago )

Might be true. Sony going hard lately.

Plus how hard is it to build a pc?

aGameDeveloper2057d ago

Yeah, it is quite large - not to mention possibly overly-optimistic - especially considering Sony will only have about 4 months to ship that many, and it usually takes a year before sales really start taking off.

Saigon2057d ago


We have to remember that sony fiscal year is different than the standard year. Their year ends in March 2014, so this number doe sound reasonable.

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WiiUsauce2057d ago

they might ship 16 million, but they'll only sell around 3-5 million by the end of the year. there is no way they're going to sell 16 million in the second half of this year. There's only about 5 million Sony drones out there anyway, so they'll sell to the drones for sure.


Dan Holmes literally have part of his name in one of those.

miyamoto2057d ago (Edited 2057d ago )



Does this mean PS4 will be very affordable?
PC parts are dirt cheap in Taiwan and China because they are not niche components.

Have you guys see a grown man cry because of excitement?

Ares84HU2057d ago

It is a large number considering the fact that it will only be released officially this year in Japan and the US. I will preorder it and pay in full probably through amazon. There is no way in hell that I'm going to stand in line like when the PS3 came out. One of the worst experiences in my life. I've never seen people sink so low in my life than what I've seen there.

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subtenko2056d ago

It's Over 9000 aawrhhhhh! :D

Day 1 preorder.

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KrisButtar2057d ago

I am thinking it is large. comparing even comparing it to the Wii U, with its launch, these PS4 numbers are way higher

Ju2057d ago

For reference. Current gen consoles launched with <10M and reached 10-13 in a full calendar year. I could imagine there will be high demand. But 16 is too high, unless this is a quote for a whole year, not just launch. Not sure why'd bind so much capital, though. Maybe to get better rates on components??

DeadlyFire2057d ago

16 million in how many months and possibly two regions? WTF are you guys smoking. I want some of it.

On average a console sells less than 2 million in first 3 months. Now if you guys are talking about from 2013 launch until 2014 launch date(1 full calender year). Then yes 16 Million is possible, but even so its a little higher than I expected. As PS3 and X360 in one year sold 10.x Million. So I was expecting 12-13 million possibly in one full year.

KrisButtar2056d ago

@ Ju, better rates on components makes a lot of sense, and maybe thats why its being done, to pass the savings on to us, so theres no big price tag

@ deadlyfire, i think the ps4 is going to have a world wide launch, not staggered like the ps3 launch. still those numbers are high, maybe ordering that many in bulk grabs a high discount?

BlackTar1872056d ago

Deadly fire,

You also have to relize that that may be how many are sold but at least in California finding one of those systems is pretty hard and requires waiting in lines to get. The Supply is way under demand on almost every console at launch by ahuge margin. Im not quite sure why no one has brought that up yet. in cali it took months for us to get a wii and took about a month to get a PS3 after waiting in line at Bestbuy with like 100 other people where they only had 5 for sale.

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DarkBlood2057d ago (Edited 2057d ago )

well no im not kidding, this could just be a number for united states i have no idea if canada or anywhere else is a part of this launch and if so would have to be split up. So to the best of my knowledge that doesnt sound like a alot to me if thats the case

Cupid_Viper_32057d ago (Edited 2057d ago )

"So to the best of my knowledge that doesnt sound like a alot to me if thats the case"

Clearly the "Best of your knowledge" is not much and highly out of line with reality. The PS2 at the peak of its selling powers was shipping between 16-20 million units a year worlwide. Educate yourself, then speak "to the best of your knowledge".

DarkBlood2057d ago

relax sir, not like i was trying to pull a "mika" here or anything.

KwietStorm2057d ago

Console manufacturers hope to push those numbers in a whole year. How could 16 mil this year, When it launches this holiday, Not be a big deal?

mandf2057d ago

9 will be sold to my family. We played video games growing up with no cable.

flyingmunky2057d ago

That's the best way to grow up!
Who needs cable tv anyway?

mandf2057d ago

Yeah it sucked being poor. My uncle bought me an Atari and I never went back to tv.

AngelicIceDiamond2057d ago

Sony's confident not cocky. That's a ton of shipements that may not pay off. I think this is false.

Cupid_Viper_32057d ago

You don't foresee the PS4 selling 16 million consoles? I'm struggling to understand your logic here, please explain.

HammadTheBeast2057d ago

They were going to be made anyways....

AngelicIceDiamond2057d ago

I was just saying Sony needs to be careful. I can see Sony Selling 16 mill, eventually. I understand they want to go hard but what if Something happens like they're not selling as good as they were hoping.

I'm not saying they won't sale well or have a tough launch but 8 or 9 mill is a safe bet.

akaakaaka2057d ago

Yes please!! Sony.. I want to get mine without a problem or having to wait..
and I have a feeling that even then it will be very hard to get one on the first month..

Crazyglues2057d ago (Edited 2057d ago )

I think people are missing the bigger picture...

If SONY is confident they can sell 16 million units in 2013 then I think that also points to a reasonable price point on PS4 - it won't go over $600

To sell that many units you have to be priced just right and I think we could see a price between $529 & $599 or maybe even lower.. (but it will not be over 600)

16 million is huge, even the iPhone 5 had like 9 million units at launch and sold 5 million in 3 days.. So this is possible but the price has to be right in-order to do those kind of numbers..

I think it's a safe bet that the system will not go over 600 (So you can start saving now with 600 as your target- then add 150+ tax because you know your going to need some games at launch)

Mine will be -(Day-One buys)

Watch Dogs

-OMG- how could I forget-

Battlefield 4
Assassin Creed IV

Guess that 150 is going to have to be +250

-and so it begins-

||.........___||............ ||

Conzul2057d ago

U no liek inFamous? :(

KwietStorm2057d ago

Why would you even suggest *over* 600? Of course it won't go over, but 599 would be the same thing all over again, and they won't meet expectations at that price. That's why even your low ball seems high.

kevnb2057d ago

i think $500 would be too much for those kind of numbers. if its $250-$300 maybe. But i cant see it being that cheap.

Ju2057d ago

Those number would actually suggest <400 entry price. 250-300 is too low, but 600 is too hight. My guess is around 400.

Crazyglues2057d ago

@ Conzul

OMG! how could I leave out Infamous - ok change that to about +350 because infamous is of course a day one buy

Looks like a safe bet is just have a $1000 ready for launch system + Games

@ KwietStorm

that's a good point, it's the GDDR5 ram -that's expensive so I was thinking we could get over, but now I'm thinking 5 something.. -Trust me I want it lower too but I was just thinking based off the specs and playing it safe..

@ kevnb

I agree, but how much lower can it really go, under 500 and SONY could be taking a real lost on each unit..remember PS3 launched at $599 and to do 16 million units is a lot to be taking a lost on..
I think if it comes in under 500 it's flying off the self. No question. But-250-300 is just too unrealistic, I'm sorry but look how long it too PS3 to get to that price point.. PS4 won't launch that low.

na2ru12057d ago

Just my imagination literally.

ceballos77mx2056d ago

400-450 would be the sweet spot for me.

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dafegamer2057d ago

omg i nearly crushed my skull, while facepalming

Thatguy-3102057d ago

I highly doubt it. Though it will be good that number is just too high for a launch. If true then Sony is hiding a lot of things seeing how they have a lot of confiden in the ps4. True or not though I'm going to pre-order mine as soon as its available. Have a feeling they're going to sky rocket off retails quickly.

stuna12057d ago

This may very well be the hint we've been waiting on as far as the PS4 affordability.

MysticStrummer2057d ago (Edited 2057d ago )

That's what I was thinking. If they launch in all the biggest territories simultaneously at a low enough price, the 16 million number might make sense.

But, it's probably just wrong.

ceballos77mx2056d ago

And also a launch window.

fr0sty2056d ago

I know where 4 of them will be...

donman12056d ago

If true... Sony making sure all the mistakes they made this current gen (last to launch, too expensive and difficult to develop for) does not happen for their next gen console. This means I expect their price to be $400 - $450.

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Chaostar2057d ago

That's fairly ambitious, can they even manufacture that many in time? If so, what's stopping them from releasing world wide at the end of the year?

mandf2057d ago

This probably a made up rumor. Release worldwide is hard for any console to do because of localization of games. Usually the games just aren't ready in time for some territories.

bicfitness2057d ago

That number seems crazy inflated. They would have to launch in September and sell 2.5 million to 3 million each month until the end of Fiscal Year 2013 (March 2014). I don't think that this information is correct. Maybe its 16 million in the first calendar year. But even that seems like a lot.

flyingmunky2057d ago

I certainly wouldn't begrudge a September launch, be nice not to have to deal with the Xmas rush while trying to get my console and accessories.

jetlian2057d ago (Edited 2057d ago )

1st they wont have 16 million made by then. 2nd sony fiscal year (2013) ends in march 2013. So this article is talking about calender 2013 which gives them 3 months time.

So 5.3 million a month isnt happening. maybe 1.6 million depending on when it comes out

Tei7772057d ago

It is a lie.

The ps4 is not shipping 16m units between its "holiday 2013 release" and december 31st. Unless they don't intend to replenish stock for the whole of 2014, which obviously is not the case lol

Deelow2057d ago

Either way Sony may be just ensuring they have consoles on the shelf for Christmas. I remember having a hard time getting a PS3.