And The Top Ten Publishers In Japan For 2007 Were...

Kotaku writes: " Numbers fans ahoy! The latest issue of Famitsu contains a neat, handy chart, listing the top ten publishers in Japan for 2007 by sales. These only include Japanese publishers, and doesn't include games sold outside of Japan, so don't go crying me a river over Koei's high placement or the absence of, oh, I don't know, Bungie or 2K Boston."

1. Nintendo: 23,520,000
2. Square Enix: 7,580,000
3. Bandai Namco: 7,500,000
4. Capcom: 5,560,000
5. Konami: 4,910,000
6. Sega: 2,930,000
7. Pokemon: 2,870,000
8. Sony: 2,230,000
9. Koei: 1,940,000
10. Banpresto: 1,790,000

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