LEGO City Undercover Hands-on Preview | Cheat CC

Cheat Code Central's Becky Cunningham writes: "Developer Traveller's Tales has been putting out franchised LEGO games for years now, and the company's formula has become quite familiar. Even if the games have been slowly improving over the years, gamers can be forgiven for thinking that they probably already know how LEGO City Undercover will play. We recently had some hands-on time with the game in order to find out whether that assumption was true, or if this open-world game of cops and robbers breathes fresh air into the franchise."

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Phil322057d ago

Some would say that people looking forward to this game are only doing so because it's one of the few games coming out for Wii U. I say I am looking forward to this game because it looks charming, awesome, and most importantly, fun.

Derekvinyard132057d ago

It's definitely what they should be doing it looks great, a lot of Lego material to fill up the city

urwifeminder2057d ago

Yes a very good looking game i will get a wii u eventually after the new consoles launch.