DICE hints at 'Battlefield 2143' in 'End Game' DLC writes, "Today marks the launch of the final downloadable content for Battlefield 3. While the community behind the game is enjoying End Game, it appears that a lucky few have stumbled upon what appears to be a teaser for a new game from DICE."

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psn_arakouftaian2053d ago (Edited 2053d ago )

a obvious one lol

I have been spoil by KZSF :/ thsi look oldish

Come on DICE show us BF4 running on Next gen consoles!!

Hufandpuf2052d ago

"I have been spoil by KZSF :/ thsi look oldish"

That's because the game is running on PS3. Take a look at the PC verison.

SJPFTW2052d ago

Killzone SF looks like a another Call of Duty corridor simulator clone with nice flashy graphics. Heck its probably CGI, pulling the same trick they did like that KZ2 trailer before the PS3 came out. Just going to end up like another mediocre game like the rest of the series

JoGam2052d ago

@SJPFTW....I was going to ask how you figure, but u have no more bubbles. Get lost.

Derekvinyard132053d ago

This is awsome! I love how they do this

LackTrue4K2053d ago

they did the same thing with Dinosaurs on Battlefield 3, i doubt its gana be 2143 (or what ever year).

would be cool, but there just giving us blue-balls with thiz teas.

Nafon2052d ago

So were all of the dinosaur references, and we all know how that turned out lol

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fossilfern2053d ago

Really hope so. I loved titan mode back in the day

BlackTar1872053d ago

Man Bf2142 is by far my favorite in the series. I hope this is true.

Reverent2053d ago

Same here. God, I can't wait for E3! I will be so happy if they reveal it there on next gen consoles.

Upbeat2053d ago ShowReplies(1)
HaMM4R2052d ago

I really hope so, to be honest I would far prefer it to BF4. It would be a nice change from the modern FPS. Bf2142 is my second fav BF game (behind 2) and it would be great to see a sequel! If only there were mod tools. One can dream :P

porkChop2053d ago

I would prefer that over BF4. The numbered BF games are meant to last long term. We don't need BF4 just yet. 2142 had huge potential and I could see them doing great things with it using Frostbite 2.0, just imagine what they could do with Titan Mode.

Anyway, this isn't the first time they've teased 2143. There's a 2143 easter egg in the Back to Karkand expansion. And back in the BF2: Euro Force map pack they had a similar easter egg that foreshadowed the announcement and release of 2142.

shackdaddy2053d ago

They might do something like BF4:2143. I cant imagine DICE doing two modern shooters in a row(not including BC games)...

porkChop2053d ago

Yeah. but BF4 was already confirmed by DICE to be modern. Unless they do a 2143 expansion for BF4, ala B2K?

MooseyXTC2053d ago

You talking about that billboard with the stopwatch that said "21:42" or something like that?
That takes me back...

porkChop2053d ago

Yup, there was that. Also in Armored Fury there was a car license plate that read "2142".


krisq2053d ago

Looks like perk system is too hard to grasp for some. Cool easter egg btw.

GhettoBlasStarr2053d ago

If BF4 is actually BF 2143 for Next-gen.... That would be END GAME for Call Of Duty. And would be the biggest system seller for whatever system that comes out with this 1st. This would knock COD on it's Ass.

BlackTar1872053d ago

2142 such a great game. Titan mode was awesome. Everything about 2142 was amazing. can't wait

KwietStorm2053d ago

Or we could just enjoy Battlefield for Battlefield and not mention that other game just because.

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