PS4: Easy To Develop For; Easy to Hack and Emulate?


Sony is making sure that the PS4 won't be full of exotic hardware. It will be powerful but easy to develop for. While this is great on one hand, it also means talented hackers and programmers will be able to wrap their heads around it and even emulate it much faster.

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mandf2105d ago

There is no reason to hack or emulate. Anyone can develope for it with no restrictions to the hardware. This article is promoting hacking and pirating and provides no beneficial news gaming.

Menashe2105d ago

No reason to emulate or hack? What planet are you from? Hackers don't exactly look for warm-and-fuzzy reasons and emulation is usually done for the sake or piracy. This video, whether it's correct or not, is just warning about piracy issues that might become harder to stop on the PS4. Piracy is a real thing, writing an article or making a video about the issue isn't called promoting piracy.

jujubee882105d ago (Edited 2105d ago )

Your PSN and XBL being banned for life is what you are sacrificing for being a hacker and pirate.

It's no longer just about taking apart a mother board of a console and enjoying the sweets.


Nerdypie2105d ago


Hacking is more risky but emulation and downloading games is much more common and hard to stop. It mostly affects the sites that host the games, not the ones who make the emulators.

Autodidactdystopia2105d ago

It will be easy to emulate, not necessarily easy to hack.
Plus emulators have always written their own version of code they cannot use the code used for the console itself so they in essence make their own. they do however use the bios.

shoddy2104d ago

Don't people learn from hacking systems?

Just like jailbreak an iPhone.when new update and new games come out, your system can't play it.

You have to give up free onlin
Plus free game need to download 50gb of data.

Thus to me it's retarded.

Just go hack a PC.

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jujubee882105d ago

Go ahead and do that. Guess what? As soon as you get caught online . . . YOU JUST GOT THE IP BAN HAMMER FOR LIFE.

Hahaha. Those idiots would deserve it too. Support the industry, don't just be take take take!

T9002105d ago

Thats not gonna stop people from Emulating PS4 or Xbox 720 on the PC.

Now that both the systems use X86 Architecture it probably will be much easier to emulate than to emulate a Cell Processor.

SandWitch2105d ago (Edited 2105d ago )


Much easier to emulate than PS3? Maybe. But only because PS3 games will most likely never be emulated. Making an emulator is a long and really hard work, and similar architecture does not mean easy emulation. It's not really hard for console manufacturer to fight emulation by specifically documenting API and so on. Xbox, Xbox 360 and even Linux are just plain examples.

Those architects at Sony and MS are smarter than us, they already though about it. I can bet we won't see an emulator for PS4 or next-gen Xbox for at least 10 years from now.

cee7732105d ago

You can't even properly emulate the original Xbox lol.

Oh_Yeah2105d ago (Edited 2105d ago )

They don't ban your ip address.. That's the last thing they would do lol they want you to buy more consoles, an ip address ban wouldn't help at all with that.. So they just console ban and gamer tag ban and hope you buy another to play legit games with.

Psychotica2105d ago

They wouldn't ban your IP address, I can call my ISP and request a new IP any time I want, eventually I get a new one anyways.

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aquamala2105d ago

^^^ people are not going to hack it and connect it to psn/xbl, they'll hack it and download pirated games on it.

shoddy2104d ago

You all know firmware update happen almost every month, games update like everymonth
As well.

Your system will get stuck in the stone age.

And have fun downloading 50gb.

classic2002105d ago

LOL people are makiing this look like a system that will be emulated in year one, the PS4 might be emulated in 5 to 6 years time when sony is moving on to newer things. Emulating a console is not easy, just look at xbox 360 with a PC like architecture and you will still notice that no one as been able to emulate it properly and its been around for year.

Cueil2105d ago (Edited 2105d ago )

Microsoft has a PPC processor not a x86 processor... totally different architectures and it's got no out of order coding... it's totally different way of thinking...

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2105d ago (Edited 2105d ago )

There is a sea of hackers out their who know x86 like the back of their hand. Actually x86 pc's are where most hackers deal with.

Ps3 has working emulator..

lol first comment.


Silva Lau 1 week ago

Where can I download the game ISO?

alexdimitrow 1 week ago

with torrents. google it

Hacking consoles = piracy no way around it...

Could a pc emulate an 8gb Gddr5 system?

But also wii emu never hurt wii sales in the end.

LiViNgLeGaCY2105d ago

Dude that emulator played like complete garbage.

Cryptcuzz2105d ago

What frame rates are you getting on such an emulator, even on a beastly spec PC?

With all the troubles of getting it to work and downloading such a large game file, running a game made to run at 30-60 fps at 5-10 fps is not actually something to boast about.

Muffins12232105d ago

That is so time you want to show me evidence,give me more proof beside a fuckin youtube video which theres about a 1000 "ps3 emulators" claims uploaded very day on it.

HammadTheBeast2105d ago

Either way, you can forget about online. They prevented it with PSP later on (although I do know a couple ways around), and PS3 has never allowed "hacked" consoles online.

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Outside_ofthe_Box2105d ago (Edited 2105d ago )

First they CHEERED when they found out that the Wii U wasn't a huge leap from the PS360 because that would lead to easy emulation. Now they are CHEERING for the fact that PS4 is easy to develop for and NOT because this would mean less stress for developers, but because it would mean easy emulation and the ability to steal games.

PC gamers need to make up their minds though. They always trash consoles and their inferior games, but always beg for their exclusives to come to PC and even go as far as to emulate said "inferior" consoles and steal their "inferior" games. Why do you guys even want console games? Are PC games not enough for guys? Or do they actually pale in comparison to console's best games contrary to what you guys preach and thus why you guys are so eager to play console games illegally?

aquamala2105d ago (Edited 2105d ago )

why do you call them pc gamers? what do you call people with hacked Wii's and PSP's full of pirated games? they are console gamers.

ShaunCameron2105d ago

They think the industry revolves around them, despite the industry barely even thinking about them.

miyamoto2105d ago (Edited 2105d ago )

Don't mind Review Tech USA
He is just another crab in the bucket.
Another death wisher

No emulator is a threat to the original.

psn_arakouftaian2105d ago

well Sony keep improving in their mistakes and I bet they will work hard to not get hacked like they did on the PS3..
PS2 was very easy to hack, PS3 not so much.
in the end there is a way and someone will find it!

stuna12105d ago

If people believe that Sony hasn't devised a plan to keep the PS4 locked up their fooling themselves! Especially since it's supposed to work hand in hand with the PS Vita! And we all know that the Vita is locked up tighter than a "Virgin in a Chasity Belt".

kayoss2105d ago

Yes downloading a 30-50gb game is very enticing.

abhilashtawade2095d ago

I live in India
Here if you know the right shop to approach then you can get a pirated game for 3.7 to 5.6 $
So I don't need to download

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smashcrashbash2105d ago

I am sure hackers don't need a reason to hack something. They pretend they are being so righteous and helpful but it is all just a bunch of excuses.Look how Sony allowed people the tools to make things legitimately on the VITA and people are still trying to hack it to make homebrew

Qrphe2105d ago

The Xbox was also x86. Are we even close to emulating it? No, not even after 10 years. I'm sure the PS4 will be even harder to hack than the PS3.

kwyjibo2105d ago

Let's be honest here, the efforts to emulate the Xbox have not been that strong. Pretty much everything of worth on the Xbox was a PC game.

The PS2's architecture was a lot weirder (who remembers MIPS?), yet PCSX2 is fantastic - because the demand is there.

Nerdypie2105d ago

People weren't interested in putting in a concerted effort towards emulating Xbox. There weren't so many exclusives that weren't also on PC. Look at Dolphin, for example. People wanted to emulate GCN/Wii because Nintendo games don't show up on any other system or computer. So if you didn't own a Gamecube but still wanted to play a couple of the really good Nintendo games you'd be interested in tracking down an emulator.

rainslacker2105d ago

All consoles have specialized chips in them that do something unique, even if not terribly important overall. It's usually those chips that cause hiccups in emulation, except in Sony's case where their chips were usually fairly unique and often designed from the ground up based on other existing technology. Most consoles before the PS1 were based off Motorola chips which were already emulated on x86 long before the console itself existed.

Anyhow, next gen is likely to be no different. Sony has already stated they have special codec chips for video streaming, and it's not unreasonable to assume that those could cause problems if they are in any way used within game code.

Even if chips are x86 based, they still often have specialized processes built in to them to make them more efficient at certain tasks. Then you have the whole APU setup, memory bandwidth/size issue, etc.

There's always more to emulating a console than just the single chip, at least if you want to run any actual retail software on it.

Qrphe2105d ago (Edited 2105d ago )

Even the Saturn and Dreamcast got emulators; hell, even the GC that was less popular than the Xbox got an emulator. The Xbox is not easy to emulate regardless of what the architecture might have been. Do no expect the PS4 to be straightforward PC architecture that'd be easy to emulate/

peowpeow2104d ago

PS2 and Wii have smooth emulators too

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kwyjibo2105d ago

If Sony and MS are going to sell PCs at a loss, like a typical console, then lots of people will be looking to get one to hack.

It'd just be like Sony making a Steambox.

yewles12105d ago

This is exactly what I said about the PS4 going x86, I expect emulators to hit within 4 to 5 months at launch.

zebramocha2105d ago

@yewles I don't think that'll happen as fast as people are making it out to be,some people on neogaf are speculating that maybe Sony slipped some of the cell tech in the ps4 for security reasons.

SandWitch2105d ago (Edited 2105d ago )



OpenGL2105d ago

It will still take years for PS4 emulators to be created, it's going to use custom graphics APIs likely updated versions of PSGL, and you'll have to be able to emulate the performance enabled by the HSA architecture of the APU, and the bandwidth that will be available to both the CPU and GPU.

rainslacker2105d ago (Edited 2105d ago )

Well, lets assume for a minute that that is true.

How many people have 8GB's of GDDR5 memory in their system...or even more than 4GB of DDR3? How many people have that even on their video card? Are those highly specialized codec chips built into the PS4 going to be emulated on a general purpose CPU? How much of a hit are games going to take by not having an APU setup and having to rely on the PC's system bus to transfer data?

Playing full retail games on a PC is not going to happen within 4 to 5 months, and I'd be surprised if it's even 4-5 years.

The only emulators you may see in 4-5 months are ones that boot up some sort of system post screen, which is where they all start. Sometimes this simple thing can be used to break the actual console wide open for piracy, but console emulation is never as simple as one process being replicated.

landog2105d ago

a single gtx 680 has more power than the entire ps4 and 4gb gddr5 just dedicated to video, then, most people with that type of card, myself included have over 12 gb ddr3 ram just for the system

SilentNegotiator2105d ago (Edited 2105d ago )


So you'll be able to emulate PS4 at about 2fps. Congrats.

No one will be emulating the PS4 well until it's not a part of the then current generation.

And at that point, who cares? Emulate old games all you want.

rainslacker2105d ago (Edited 2105d ago )


Great for you. And how does that equate to actual 1:1 emulation of a retail PS4 game? The PC and PS4 have vastly different architectures.

From a single chip perspective, yes the CPU/GPU/Memory can be looked at as in terms of power, speed, design, processes, etc. However, from an implementation standpoint they are nowhere close.

It's not to say one is more powerful or not as good as the other, just that they are different.

kayoss2105d ago

And we wonder why Sony and Microsoft wanted to go "always connected" to the Internet route.

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