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Relientk772057d ago

Awesome, cant wait to see more from this

classic2002057d ago

I remember those days when Nintendo fanboys were saying the PS4 and next box won't be a big gap so third party developers will be making all games available for wiiu lool.

MariaHelFutura2057d ago

PS4? People who are making PS3/360 games aren't even putting them the Wii U.

Moncole2057d ago

They said next gen consoles and the Wii U is a next gen console.

MariaHelFutura2057d ago

Again. No one is gonna call the PS4, the PS4, only to refer to the Wii U as a "next gen consoles". Maybe, but I highly doubt it.

Emzx992057d ago

Can you imagine how boring consoles would be if every game was held back by the Wii U? Glad the PS4, and most likely 720 similar in a way for hardware will be a lot more powerful.

Tei7772057d ago (Edited 2057d ago )

LOOOL @moncole

Stop being ridiculous. If it was coming for the wii U they would have specified it, just as they did for the ps4 version. Obviously they are not allowed to expose Microsoft next system so they say "PS4 and other next gen consoles". The only hope you have is that the plural in "consoles" means they are considering the Wii U but its probably just a typo, because again... why would they specify PC and PS4 but not Wii U??

Edit: Maybe they are also referring to the steambox 0.0 exciting!

MaxXAttaxX2057d ago (Edited 2057d ago )

Think about it. When they say "other next-gen console" they're talking about the next Xbox because it's yet to be officially announced.

Wii U has already been released and its existence is no mystery. So why didn't they mention it?

P.S: While it may be the successor to the Wii, developers aren't referring to the Wii U as a next-gen system, because it ISN'T next-gen tech.

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Jek_Porkins2057d ago

Damn, wish Microsoft would just announce and show off the 720, we all know it's coming out later this year.

OlgerO2057d ago

They are currently working like crazy to implement all of the PS4 features, thats why you wont see it till april

Jek_Porkins2057d ago

They've obviously had dev kits out for a while, been working on the console itself for years. They aren't going to rush to change anything at this point and time. They always hold a unveiling for their new consoles before E3, they probably had April as a target date for a while, mainly because the Xbox 360 is selling very well, and Gears Judgment comes out in March, don't want a new console announcement negatively affecting sales of either.

Also, not sure what "features" you are refering to, but I believe I've been trolled...

JasonKCK2057d ago

The PS4 pretty much gives you what is already available. PS4 is a nice upgrade but lets be honest that's all the new consoles really are. Im just happy the PS4 has cross game chat.

MaxXAttaxX2057d ago

I don't think he was talking about hardware. However, they can try to make comparable features look more appealing on the next Xbox and try to out do Sony.

SAE2057d ago

Can't wait for it. Loved Dishonored. This one looks even better. It's easy to see the good games even if i only see a pictures. I'm gonna download Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Hope it give me good impression about this one..

Agent_00_Revan2057d ago

Deus Ex was awesome. Replayed it recently. I really enjoyed that game. My faith in this game being great is high.

GABRIEL10302057d ago (Edited 2057d ago )

Deus ex is one of my favourites games of all time, nice moments await you then.

SAE2057d ago

You guys makes me excited >.<

snipermk02057d ago

^^ that just sounded wrong. lol

ThaBlackBaron2057d ago

Cool! Will be cool on Wii U using the Gamepad

MasterCornholio2057d ago

Hey disagree.

"next gen consoles"

Its plural which means that its more than one.

Wait why didnt he just say Wii U then? By other next gen consoles do they mean the Wii U and the 720 or the steam box and the 720?

Jeez its confusing, i just wish the developer was more clear on this.

MariaHelFutura2057d ago

No one is gonna call the PS4, the PS4, only to refer to the Wii U as a "next gen consoles". Maybe, but I highly doubt it.

Tei7772057d ago

They must be referring to another system besides microsofts which has yet to be officially unveiled. My guess is the steambox, I can't imagine anyone else trying to enter the console space at a time like this and logic says they're not talking about the Wii U otherwise they would have specified.

MariaHelFutura2057d ago

Only in your imagination, only in your imagination.

Moncole2057d ago

Does it bother you that it will be on the Wii U?

MariaHelFutura2057d ago

Not at all, I hope it's on the Wii U.

Drekken2057d ago

Wii U is a current gen console. The specs are equal to PS3/360 basically.

ThaBlackBaron2057d ago

LOL its funny ignorance like this still flows on this site

porkChop2057d ago

The game is not coming to the Wii U. Both the Wii U and the PS4 are already announced. They wouldn't say "PS4" and then list Wii U under the label "next generation consoles". They would say just "PS4 and Wii U".

I mean, think about it. The game is skipping the PS3 and the 360. Clearly the game is aiming for more powerful hardware. The Wii U, specs wise, is on par with the 360 and PS3. It does not have the power to keep up with the PS4 or the Xbox 3. They wouldn't make a Wii U version just to skip the PS3 and 360. The game is not coming to Wii U, so don't get your hopes up.

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