GameStop TV Finds Success In-Store

GameStop, the world's largest gaming retailer, has more than 4,000 stores in the U.S. Inside the vast majority of those stores sits a large-screen television that only plays GameStop TV, an amalgam of video-game previews, interviews with game developers, TV spots and integrated advertising that is difficult to distinguish from the actual programming.

Last week Nielsen Media Research released a study showing that the titles advertised on GameStop TV showed an increase in sales of between 19 and 36 percent. Products mentioned during the broadcast, but not in specific ads, also got a boost, although it was not as significant. On average, the unadvertised products saw a sales spike of 20 percent.

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truncheon4190d ago

GameStop has the right to show whatever they want in their stores, I suppose, but people should be aware that the spots on this program are paid for. I guess some people like to be told what to think and buy.