IGN: Resident Evil UC Tops a Million

IGN writes: "Almost as if to respond to those questioning the decision to bring a port of Resident Evil 0 to the Wii, Capcom announced today that Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles has, as of February 29, topped the million mark in worldwide shipments."

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Night4ll4189d ago

What is this I see here... another third party non mini game that tops 1 million... sadly this news story will be ignored, and ignorant people will continue to say that third party games don't sell...

wiizy4189d ago

thats goes out to all the third party games cant sell on wii.. both resident evil games on the wii has sold over a million.

desolationstorm4189d ago

Especially since this is a new game and not a port. So its a big deal now if ZW could atleast ship 500k then I think were all set with having capcom produce great games throughout the life of the wii.

PS360WII4189d ago

Excellent news and yes sadly people will still consider the Wii not able to sell 3rd party games. It's just what people want to believe when it's not true :(

Glad Capcoms Wii "test" proved to be good. Hopefully Monster Hunter 3 gets crazy sells and Capcom makes some really crazy cool games for the Wii.

ItsDubC4189d ago

Ya this is definitely great news not only for Capcom, but Nintendo as well. This should put some fears to rest that 3rd-parties might have about Wii development.

However, the article states a million SHIPPED. This goes back to that whole Xbox 360 sales/shipments discussion. Can we safely assume that the number of units sold for RE: UC is at least very close to the number of units shipped, or are they one and the same in this case?

PS360WII4189d ago

good question but I believe the argument with that goes along the lines of the company still gets their money either way.

I'm sure it's rather close because game stores can afford to have many units of consoles in the store but probably cannot afford the shelf space for games as well. So it should be pretty close in terms of sales vs shipped

akaFullMetal4189d ago

well still we have to question how long this game has been out??? and how many wii's are there, so if there is 20 million wii's and it sold a million in a few months, then yes that is pretty good

KeiZka4188d ago

Been out some 4-5 months, IIRC. Not even that much in Europe.

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