9.0 - Review: MLB 13 The Show (PS3/PSV)

Baseball once again comes to both the PS3 and the Vita, but is it a big enough improvement to warrant the purchase?

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StrongMan2053d ago

The baseball King is back baby!

lovegames7182053d ago

I got it yesterday! Still boss like usual. It just has so much content and replay value its insane!!!!!

Another quality ps exclusive that gets over looked but its the best in its genre!

Kingthrash3602053d ago

Do you have the vita version?

GiggMan2053d ago

Simply the best. Can't wait for a Next Gen version...

nevin12053d ago

How come they dont release demos anymore?

torgo2053d ago

The way the dev cycle works, a demo isn't a good representation of the final product. Also, not enough changes every year that can be displayed in a demo, so it's not worth it to them to spend the time and money to create one.

sdozzo2053d ago

Good work Glenn. I'll be listening tonight for the full round up.