Ver 28.0 is Out for Your Downloading Pleasure

Carpal and TOG are kicking off the new year of XBL Radio…

TECH NEWS: -Gamecast, Podcast, Netcast? Does it matter? -The PS3 and Wii are coming to a kiosk near you. -Fast Food Gaming. Ordering up some fun.
GAME NEWS: -Guitar Hero and the 360. A star is born? -Halo Wars. A name without a game. -Did the Xbox 360 bring it home? Or is it still downloading in the background?
CONSOLE CRIMES: -Sentencing for a game crime. -Fox News Alert. Protecting your Online experiences.
KID PIX. Lego Star Wars is analyzed by XBLRs resident Jawas.
Plus Poll Question. All this and more.
Game Reviews:

-World Series of Poker: Tournament of Champions–It has camera support, just no online support (from players) -DOOM: The Classic PC version of the game hits the arcade, with multi-player, voice and lag support.

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The Halo Wars Formula Has Potential to Fit More Microsoft Franchises

Halo Wars is still widely considered one of the best and most accessible RTS games around, and that formula could work with other Microsoft IPs.

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gangsta_red263d ago

I think Crackdown would fit in a more turn-based tactics system via Xcom then a RTS type game play. Being able to customize multiple agents, deploying that group in an crime infested urban zone, going against other super powered enemy and fodder type thugs. The potential for that is huge if they won't do another successful, ground breaking, GOTY open world outing like Crackdown 3....

P_Bomb263d ago

I could see that. I feel like State of Decay could spin-off into something strategic as well.

giovonni262d ago

Actually that would be kind of fly if they made it a turn base RTS.


10 Best Halo Games

NoobFeed Editor Joshua Burt writes - There are many games in the famous Halo Franchise that are stellar titles and need to be revered. And some that do not. These games stand out from the crowd and deluge of colossal Halo titles. Games that made Halo great. We do need to iron out what qualifies the game for this list. They have to be in the Halo franchise… Obviously.

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572d ago
572d ago Replies(2)
-Foxtrot572d ago

Halo CE over Halo Infinite anyday

Not to mention the impact it had at the time

Flawlessmic572d ago

Halo 3 at the top is correct the only thing id change is swap infinite and halo ce around.

AuraAbjure572d ago

Halo 4 best campaign and multiplayer. Halo 3 best story.

ChubbyBlade571d ago

Are you trying to give people cancer?

AuraAbjure570d ago (Edited 570d ago )

Halo 4 has the hottest Cortana too which explains why the MC is the hardest in that campaign and why H4's multiplayer is the illest. Chief ain't afraid to take on teleporting enemies that can one hit melee kill.

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Ranking The Halo Games From Worst To Best

Since debuting on the original Xbox, the amount of games released means it's no easy task to rank the best and worst Halo games.

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Deathdeliverer848d ago (Edited 848d ago )

I feel like I see these articles often. Either way, just going by main titles as a whole package not just on MP I’d say;
Best 2,3,1,4,5 worst.
Story only;
Best 1,2,3,4,5 worst.
MP only
Best 2,3,5,1,4 worst.

Popsicle848d ago (Edited 848d ago )

Great list Deathdeliverer! The only place we differ is that I would put Halo 3 MP over Halo 2 MP, but gaming preferences are subjective and there are really no right or wrong answers. We match exactly on everything else. And yes, these list are made all the time, but they still get me to click on them. Lol!

Deathdeliverer848d ago

I was really torn between the two so I’ll call it a toss up. They are head and shoulders above the other Halo Mps. It’s Halo 2/3 (in any order) then a pause, then the rest.