Ver 28.0 is Out for Your Downloading Pleasure

Carpal and TOG are kicking off the new year of XBL Radio…

TECH NEWS: -Gamecast, Podcast, Netcast? Does it matter? -The PS3 and Wii are coming to a kiosk near you. -Fast Food Gaming. Ordering up some fun.
GAME NEWS: -Guitar Hero and the 360. A star is born? -Halo Wars. A name without a game. -Did the Xbox 360 bring it home? Or is it still downloading in the background?
CONSOLE CRIMES: -Sentencing for a game crime. -Fox News Alert. Protecting your Online experiences.
KID PIX. Lego Star Wars is analyzed by XBLRs resident Jawas.
Plus Poll Question. All this and more.
Game Reviews:

-World Series of Poker: Tournament of Champions–It has camera support, just no online support (from players) -DOOM: The Classic PC version of the game hits the arcade, with multi-player, voice and lag support.

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