Eurogamer: N+ Review

Eurogamer writes: "If you really get stuck, you can always check the leaderboards. Successful runs are automatically recorded and uploaded along with the score placing, so you can watch how the experts do it. Nothing blows away feelings of anger than seeing some smart-arse nimbly rattle through something you swore was impossible. As it is, these leaderboard replays are just another quietly brilliant idea, tucked away waiting to be found.

But what of the + element? This, in case you didn't know, is a remake of a critically acclaimed 2005 PC game. A freeware game, no less. Where this paid-for version wins out is in the multiplayer options, something exclusive to consoles. Co-op mode is fairly obvious - you work together with a friend (or stranger, you kinky devil) to clear levels specially designed to tax two players. Races are also an option, legging it to the exit before your opponents. Survival, meanwhile, pits you against three other players in a scramble to grab as much gold as possible to stave off the dreaded timer death. Since you can respawn as long as you have time on the clock, the Survival levels are hilariously silly in the amount of hazards they throw at you.

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