Next-Gen: Complex AI Will Lead To 'Realistic Behaviour' & 'Simulated Emotions'

NowGamer: Prettier graphics are expected on the PS4 and Xbox 720, but what about AI? Tomb Raider's creative director has some ambitious ideas...

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Lisica2056d ago

What the hell does graphics have to do with AI?

Septic2056d ago

Nothing. Did you you actually just read half of the first sentence?

Lisica2056d ago

Kind of.

But again, I doubt that processing power was the problem with AI so far.

konnerbllb2055d ago


Of course processing power and ram limits AI. They have to divide processing power and memory between multiple functions that make up a game. Graphics, phsyics, sound, map size, NPC count, AI.


To think otherwise is ridiculous.

BitbyDeath2055d ago

I gotta agree with Liscica, power isn't the issue, devs have just not known how to code for it.

AI isn't a switch nor are sprites going to magically do more once you add power. Every action has to be coded to have a reaction, power was never an issue, just a non-understanding/lazyness to code for it.

Naughty Dog have come up with a solution to this which is no doubt a work in progress.

It is up to the dev to tackle the issue, but hopefully in the near future devs will be provided with AI kits akin to SpeedTree.

miyamoto2055d ago

"But, this complex AI for next-gen games requires the new consoles to have the processing power to react and work with the speed of the human brain, and there’s a very real opportunity that’s exactly what they could do."

The PS4 CPUGPU or APU will take care of that.

MasterCornholio2055d ago (Edited 2055d ago )

Hmm Ubisoft said the same thing about the AI in the PS4 version of watchdogs.

""We can spend more time in the brain of each AI with a more powerful machine, saying, 'OK, how will I react to what just happened there? Where will I run to? Will I call the cops?', or stuff like that.

"Fundamentally the core, innovative part of Watch Dogs is the same on every platform. But on PS4 we're able to push every level a lot further."

It pretty much confirms that the PS4 (and PC for sure) version of this game will contain superior gameplay in comparison to the Wii U, PS3 and XBOX360 version due to superior AI and Physics.

And people say that hardware doesnt improve gameplay LOL

clintagious6502055d ago

Its up to the devs if they want to push those certain areas to the limit even with the ps3 u see how great the AI is in killzone & now u see how naughty dog has pushed it even further with the last of us. It will only IMPROVE with the ps4 & nextbox & of course pc but its the 1st party studios who will push it to its limits.

KillrateOmega2055d ago

I'm always down for better AI :)

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