Next-Gen Needs To Capture The ‘LAN Party Atmosphere’

NowGamer: Does Sony's next-gen console do enough to capture the social future or should the PS4 have more sharing options?

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DaveyB2057d ago

Nothing beats competitive play when those you're competing against are in the same room as you. This is why the FGC meets are so awesome. Offline - beats online every time.

first1NFANTRY2057d ago

"Offline - beats online every time"

I couldn't agree more. Many online games this gen have been riddled with bugs, cheats, lag and many of-putting things.

Nothing beats whooping a mates ass as he tries to play it cool as if he isn't getting pissed lol.

jujubee882057d ago

"Offline - beats online every time"

. . . I was with you until that last part. I mean, if I can have a social network where my friends are tighter with me than anything else, what the hell does it matter if it's online or offline? Bugs, cheats, etc wont even matter bc I know who I am playing with.

Good people are good people.

As for lag, I would agree. But, I think networks will improve next gen and more ISP's will stop being jerks. The ISP's have already gotten away with enough and consumers will stand up to them so we get better, faster online for stuff like gaming.