Haze - "the kids can shoot up to their heart's content"

Gameplayer examines the latest information and gameplay details for highly anticipated PS3 exclusive Haze and its controversial gimmick where plays are required to take drugs.

"Whatever you do, don't call it a drug. It's a 'combat stimulant,' or a 'nutritional supplement.' Nectar is most assuredly not a drug; if it were, then the OFLC would bring down the ban-hammer. You can't have kids playing games where they run around doing drugs to improve their aim. No siree Bob. But give that drug a different name, and everything's just peachy – the kids can shoot up to their heart's content."

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toughNAME4187d ago

Oh my Bonds has left MLB and gone into game developing

gaffyh4187d ago

Haze isn't the first game in which you have to take "drugs", Galerians Ash also made you take some sort of drug too.

SlappingOysters4187d ago

Bioshock wasn't drugs... but it was shooting up

ruibing4187d ago

I'm definitely getting this game if it runs well.

grilledgorlupa84187d ago

I have to wait cause Im getting the MGS4 bundle =(

poos34187d ago

who cares about this cause i dont

wAtdaFck4187d ago

I can't wait for this game.

Though to be honest, i'm not entirely syked for MGS4.

joydestroy4187d ago

this game is going to make a nice exlusive addition to the PS3.
been waiting for it for a looooong time.

nomad1174187d ago

Ya it's been a long time. But at the end I think we will get a really great game.

SUP3R4187d ago

I never lost hope in Haze even with all the delays, it's still a must have title for me.
I'm glad they changed to lead characters voice and it looks as if they removed the live-action cut scenes....I hope, never really liked the whole real humans cut-scenes back to 3D modeled characters idea.

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The story is too old to be commented.