Has Activision Killed Guitar Hero?

Gameplayer has run an article examining the post release activity of Activision in relation to the Guitar Hero series and in light of what Rock Band offers.

"Why so little, and where's all the good stuff?"

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chasegamez4185d ago (Edited 4185d ago )

i stop buying stuff 4 Guitar Hero
when activision didnt release the patch for the ps3
rock band rules

SlappingOysters4185d ago

they did release a patch for the X306 version... it bricked your machine. Maybe you PS3 guys got lucky?

actas1234185d ago

What else doesn't?

SlappingOysters4185d ago

nice 8-)

I'm on X360 number 3, although admittedly GH was to blame for none of them.

My latest one is an Elite... after two weeks my disc drive stopped closing on its own - love those quality parts!!!

SlappingOysters4185d ago

Is so fricken odd - who paid who in that one???

lonestarmt4185d ago

I did! I loved no doubt! I actually prefer Guitar Hero III over rock band just because of the song listing. Not everyone who loves the guitar games like heavy metal and hard rock. I prefer the ska, punk, pop-rock songs like the killers, weezer, no doubt, queens of the stone age. Rock Band however is a far better game with more options and tons more DLC however IMO the DLC are songs I really don't care for. Every DLC for guitar hero 3 so far I have. Thats why Guitar hero has the better edge in my mind, a better playlist for people who have different tastes. However again if rock band 2 comes with the ability to import your own songs I'm sold. I'm really afraid that GH will go down the route of madden and never really updated the extras, characters, or options and all they do is add new songs each year.

GodsHand4185d ago

I bought the No Doubt pack, not only for the reason I like the band, but also when I have get togethers at my place. The ladies especially love playing this game, so I tend to get the extra DLC for this game.

But I agree Rock band is totally overshadowing guitar hero.

SlappingOysters4185d ago

Thanks for saying that: it's a valid point and I hadn't viewed it from that point of view.

I wonder if you are in the minority or not? I guess it is a very mainstream brand.

sa_nick4185d ago

To be fair, it wasn't JUST Activisions fault, Neversoft helped a lot too.

GH3 = fail in every way

NitrogenB4185d ago (Edited 4185d ago )

...and don't rip me a new one for saying so, but I believe the tracklist that came w/ GHIII is better than the one that came w/ Rock I don't see how it failed in that vein.

...on the other hand, Create a band and create a player are no-brainers, and I have been waiting for them in GH to no avail. Also, Rock Band crushes GHIII in downloadable content w/ almost 4 times the current amount fo downloadable songs.

But I don't think GHIII COMPLETELY failed, just in a couple of areas.

They need to chill w/ the "Madden"-like releases though, that WILL kill them.

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The story is too old to be commented.