Crysis 3 is a Classic Example of Graphics over Gameplay

Playeressence's Furious Francis is not pleased with the focus of Crysis 3. Nor does he think the game is a "masterpiece" like the Crytek boss says it is. Hear why Francis thinks developers should start focusing more on how a game plays, over how it looks.

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MysticStrummer2052d ago

Sums up the whole series really.

WeAreLegion2052d ago

Did you not play the first one?!?

Trenta272052d ago

I know, right? I actually liked Crysis 3 for gameplay. It was fun. I seriously can't get enough of that crossbow.

pangitkqb2052d ago

Just did a 3 1/2 hour Crysis 3 marathon on a console. (Its the first game ever released that my gaming PC cant play.) Aside from occasional slowdown, the game plays beautifully. Switching from stealth to badass to stealth on the fly - often in mere seconds - is what makes the Crysis series so awesome. It's easy to pick up and play, but challenging to truly master. (The same principle, interestingly enough, is what makes Temple Run such a success on mobile. Any nobody can figure out how to play, but becoming a master takes time.)

I couldn't disagree with this writer more. It's an excellent shooter with solid mechanics and actually justifies taking bullets and not dying. The suspension of disbelief is certainly above average for a shooter.

EbeneezerGoode2052d ago

Agreed - First one is brilliant. GAMEPLAY and GRAPHICS.

Don't lump it in with the crappier sequels please.

Knushwood Butt2052d ago

Yeah, I played it. It's broken.

Cloak mode way overpowered.
Armour mode useless.
You can one hit kill practically any enemy by using that super punch move.
Weapon melee - why is it in the game????
Utterly forgettable characters.
Alien invasion story is also utterly forgettable.

I could go on and on, but I'm getting bored.

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Kalowest2052d ago

This is the reason why I never played the Crysis series.

BattleAxe2052d ago (Edited 2052d ago )

Those PC only gamers just can't get enough of those GRAPHICS. What PC gamers always say to me is "screw the gameplay, I want to sit there and watch the GRAPHICS with my SLI GRAPHICS set-up, my pointless liquid cooled CPU and my RipJaw Memory on Dual Monitors".

Edit: Ok, I guess I tried to take on too many parties at once with my "peace out" stuff...I'll just stick to the PC gamers this time around :D


Far Cry 2 stomped a mud hole in Crysis 2's ass. Dude, you have no clue of what you are talking about. Lets try to keep things real around here.

dasbeer882052d ago (Edited 2052d ago )

What? lol.
For the most part, since when did PC gamers say they play their video games just so they can "watch the graphics"? Otherwise you're just being biased and shoving words in our mouths.

I'm a PC gamer, and I can care less about graphics. Have you played League of Legends? That RTS has the graphics of Warcraft 3, and you don't see all the millions of players complaining about the grpahics. No, we play it just for fun. Also look at MineCraft. That game has the graphics of an Atari2600 (well I'm probably exaggerating...).

EDIT: Oh and one more thing - League of Legends accumulate more or less ONE BILLION hours EVERY FRIGGIN WEEK. In other words, it's probably the most played game in the history of video games. So...EAT IT CONSOLE GAMERS!! XD

EZMickey2052d ago

"Far Cry 2 stomped a mud hole in Crysis 2's ass. Dude,
you have no clue of what you are talking about. Lets try
to keep things real around here."

Seriously? No.

Crysis 2 may have been a linear action frenzy with more flash than substance, but it was playable from beginning to end in at least the most primitive way an FPS game can be.

Far Cry 2 was an ambitious effort and a great concept, but the end result was one of the worst attempts at open world gameplay I've ever come across as well as one of the most repetitive and boring games I've ever played.

The first hour I enjoyed, thereafter progress became a tedious, grinding chore. Flawed checkpoint system, mundane and pedantic "exploration" with a shooting experience that got worn out so fast because of the repetitive nature of the game.

I would rather play fucking Vampire Rain.

EbeneezerGoode2052d ago

Idiot... those games are on PC too. Crysis 1's gameplay is far better than Far Cry 2 as well.

Way to make yourself look an un-informed ass.

boing12052d ago

LoL argument is flawed. Game is available in China where there is no current gen consoles and is free to play. How many of those players actually spend money on it? Do you really think Riot Games doesn't dream about bringing LoL to consoles one day? Also, they showed some infographic with impressive numbers, but instead of showing which country has the most players, they showed from which country LoL's Facebook page has the most 'likes'. Guess what, Facebook is blocked in China.

miso_Jeff2052d ago


are you serious? go to almost any videogame forum and look through the threads, the playstation 4 threads. There's always comments that read:
"Would look better on PC"
"Nothing compared to Crysis 3"
"these specs are only that of a mid tier PC"
"Get a PC and play the game like its meant to look"
"The GPU is so weak"

A lot of PC (not all) gamers consider they're gaming as "elite" If you can't see that there are a good number of PC gamers out there that REALLY REALLY care about graphics a lot then you're being biased.

SatanSki2052d ago (Edited 2052d ago )

When they revealed PS4 every one was like, omg look at the Watchdogs and Second Son, those games look stunning! OMG look at the details in Killzone! Just imagine what games will look like when they utilise 8GB! But offcourse im sure it was all PC fanboys ;-)

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starchild2052d ago

BS. I like Crysis 3 a lot more than most shooters. The only shooters I like as well or better are Farcry 3, Half Life 2, Bioshock.

It's a good game. Quit this ridiculous hate bandwagon.

1nsaint2052d ago

Ikr, sure it might not be the best ever shooter. But it's still an impressive triple A game.

I see some hate comments like if the game is a punishment to play.
Then where is this best shooter you haters are comparing it too?
The perfect game.
The game that scored a 10 on all review sites.
The game that has you climax just by looking at the cover.

Oh wait.. There isnt.
Instead of that, there are ten thousands of shity games on earth, but you choose crysis to rip on.. -_-

Derekvinyard132052d ago

After crysis one the formula got old and is getting older with no real updates to the gameplay, I love crysis 1 and 2 but graphics can only hold a game up so much let the series rest and change up the gameplay a little! Maybe different suit abilities

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Utalkin2me2052d ago

Well i like the Farcry series much better.

Plagasx2052d ago

Far Cry 2 compared to Crysis 2 was shit...

solid_warlord2052d ago (Edited 2052d ago )

example why next gen console will be better off than a very high end 2k plus PC.

SolidDuck2052d ago (Edited 2052d ago )

Only on PC. On consoles it's blurry textures over gameplay. And no I'm not a PC guy.

PhoenixRising372052d ago

personally i though that the gunplay was very smooth and fun to play. the suit's voice is f***ing awesome too. the graphics were just a plus. sure the stories in 2 and 3 didn't make a whole lot of sense but whatever. The multiplayers were solid too.

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