Actor revealed to play part in GTAIV

A new actor has emerged on IMDB as a character in GTAIV.

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sonarus4003d ago

whooptidoo straight to the oscars from here

Feihc Retsam4003d ago

His face is sliding off of his head

kewlkat0074003d ago

He looks just about right.

Plus we all know "Scarface" was really VICE CITY. No need to remake that one. I can't anyone playing that better than Al.

Kleptic4003d ago

Ray Liotta did the main characters voice in Vice City...not sure if you meant Al Pacino did any voice work in Vice City...but yeah, the references to Scarface where frequent...

what always bothered me though was the the original GTA III had the Scarface soundtrack on whatever 80's radio station that was (flashback FM I think)...but Vice City didn't have any of it...

Despite Scarface becoming ridiculously played out by the rap and hip/hop is still an awesome movie...

kewlkat0074003d ago

was as good as it gets.

you are right about the GTAIII soundtrack, cause I remember that song
"She's On Fire" by Amy Holland which was in the movie I think.

How well these games have depicted or matched the Tunes that were being played in that certain Era have been awesome, especially Chatterbox.

I'm old-school and an 80's fan, so I loved cruising to Mister Mister on a motorcycle after leaving the scene and causing havoc. One of the reasons I played Vice City so much, I loved the Tracks and the Era.

jinn4003d ago

at least it wasn't Will Ferrel