Broken Call of Duty 4 Update to be Fixed

Robert Bowling has sent news that Infinity Ward are looking into the massive problems players have had with lag since the recent game update.

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LinuxGuru5956d ago


What lag?

I haven't even received any notifications for any updates to this game, either.

Rockwallaby5956d ago (Edited 5956d ago )

your from Australia you get a laggy connection to a us host

funkysolo5956d ago

I hope they add vote player off, mute, and host migration. I don't experiance much lag, thanks to the servers but I still have alot of fun. I'm on my last prestige, YEAH

Bladestar5956d ago

"360 version", "There talking about the 360 version, not the PS3" the only version... I don't know if you are aware but the patch was not released on the PS3 yet... so, if the Xbox 360 version has a problem there is a big chances that you will not see a PS3 version until the fix the xbox 360 version... probably it has the same problems...

AlterEgo5956d ago

I'm not sure exactly how it works, but the PS3 patch is already in the certification process.

So I think they'll just release it for the new features, and deal with any problems afterwards.

I could be wrong though.

LinuxGuru5956d ago

Alright alright! How many people does it take to tell me that it's the 360 version only?? I get it!

SeNiLe9115956d ago


There isn't much lag really. The problems I see is, you die a little quicker then before. Also the helicopters are on crack now! I have dies more time from a helicopter since the update then the whole time I have been playing since launch. OK maybe not that many times but it sure does seem like they kill a lot easier, any one else feel the same?

Love the kill cam update though, that's the bomb diggity!!!

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real401killa5956d ago (Edited 5956d ago )

The game online is good but i think it has to many issues to adress . I use to play all the time but its just to annoying to play when you cant get a full game and all the team killing .or when i am unloading a whole clip in to someone and they live and i get shot 1 time and boom dead.. there is no vote the players out lobby sux...and the maps are just played out ..give it some time .. they might just fix all the problems..!!!!!!

we havent seen the ps3 patch god knows that it will take forever to fix now

Rockwallaby5956d ago

play hardcore & team killing won't be a problem

jackdoe5956d ago (Edited 5956d ago )

If the PS3 version has this same issue, I will be pissed. Waited four months for this freaking feature patch. Hell, their "Host Migration" update isn't really host migration at all. Normal host migration allows you to stay in the game while it chooses another host. CoD 4 Host Migration returns you to the lobby to choose another host. Weaksauce. And they didn't even include the free map that PC owners got.

Erethond5956d ago

So...this new COD4 patch is creating new problems, just like the last one did?

Excellent game...other than the occasional multiplayer problems.

Snukadaman5956d ago

I think this is issues with australian gamers on xbox live because I have not experienced any major lag in the game..in fact..there was one instance where the host left and it did as the patch advertised as when the host left it moved us back into the lobby too find a host and continue playing...

Thepro3185956d ago

i wonder is it cause of 360 hardware and xbox live just thinking about it