PS Vita Sells Up 4X in Japan

No rumors have suggested a price cut in North America or Europe. In fact, ​Sony president of Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida has confirmed that no price drop will be seen in North America in the foreseeable future. With the PS Vita also struggling to gain momentum in the states, a price drop may be a strategy worth further discussion, considering it's positive reception in Japan.

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BitbyDeath2052d ago

If true it sure will be interesting if it can maintain those numbers.

Here's last weeks -

3DS LL – 49,317
3DS – 25,412
PS3 – 18,529
Vita – 11,456
Wii U – 9,633
PSP – 8,981
Wii – 1,317
Xbox 360 – 473

Cupid_Viper_32052d ago

This is very good news for Sony and the PS Vita. It's always a gamble when a company decides to cut the price of a product, because if it fails to spike up even after a price cut, you basically have a huge problem on your hands.

DiRtY2052d ago

45k is still poor after a $50 / $100 price cut.
Heck the 3DS outsells the PS Vita almost 2:1 the week after the price cut.

Let's see how sustainable these sales are.

Cupid_Viper_32052d ago

Before I put you on my ignore list....

The price cut went into effect on Feb 28.
Secondly, 45k-50K weekly translates into 200,000k/month, in Japan alone.
and Lastly, even after the price cut the 3DS is still cheaper then the Vita.

now, where was I again? oh yeah...ignored!

BitbyDeath2052d ago

How is potentially beating out the 3DS, PS3, Wii U, PSP, Wii and Xbox 360 poor?

DiRtY2051d ago

It is the week after the price cut guys. This is actually a bad sign for things to come.

Soul Sacrifice might keep the sales going for antother 2 weeks or so but in April you will see the Vita below 25k again.

Kingthrash3602051d ago

See are the problem with the gameing community right now. People who like to try and turn good news into bad. The truth is if the vita sold more than the 3ds this week you would have said " well this is only a week, the 3ds will sell more than the vita for the month".
Advice: be happy for all platforms,smile at the achivement of a gaming system that has been struggling. Why do you care about sales anyway... you work for Nintendo? Microsoft? No? Then stfu and enjoy gaming...

Sukebe_Gamer2051d ago

Thank you king for stating that. I completely agree.

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Y_51502052d ago

Xbox360 selling less than Wii, ouch..

Oh_Yeah2051d ago (Edited 2051d ago )

It's Japan? So of course it's going to trail the wii and every other Japanese console. The only American electronic company Japan seems to be fond of is Apple... So unless Apple releases a console American hardware will always do poorly over there.

oNIXo2051d ago


It's not that Microsoft is an American company. It's because of the games that the Xbox 360 pushes out. It's a console that mostly has shooters, which don't do to well in Japan.

Knight_Crawler2051d ago

This is what gamers having saying since launch Sony, drop the dam price on the VITA and it will sell like the 3DS.

fei-hung2051d ago

Also, from a few articles and photos from Japan, the Vita sold out within and hour or so within a lot of shops and within a day in others. Meaning they could only sell what stock they had and if people wanted more, they couldn't sell anymore.

3-4-52051d ago

Sony - " Dropping prices on consoles/handhelds doesn't work"

Proceeds to watch it work

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FlameHawk2052d ago

I will buy a PS Vita day 1 when its price drops.

joab7772052d ago

I want one before ps4 launches. Its about price but also about games. Persona 4 helped alot but Nintendo has managed to grab alot of ips back from sony and that has hurt.

I do believe that if the pricepoint is right or they package with the ps4 for a great price, they can move them. They wanna do it soon though as they dont want to compete with themselves in November, or Microsoft. And the more they sell, the more developers will want to make games for it.

flyingmunky2052d ago

I'm sure there are a lot of people waiting on the fence with you but I think the price of their memory cards are a larger concern.

I make minimum wage, work part time, and am a student. I still bought the vita no problem, 250$ isn't really that much. I've spent more on groceries, my phone bill is even more than half of that.

Mustang300C20122052d ago

Everyone has a different story.

I am active duty Air Force and work part time at Best Buy. I don't have a Vita because I know my time will be limited like it was with the PSP when I got it. The issue isn't just price or the economy. It doesn't fit in a lot of consumers lives and it fell in the same issues the PSP had and that is me too ports on the handheld that I would rather play on my 360/PS3. My time is spent more on my consoles, gaming PC, IPad and IPhone.

SilentNegotiator2051d ago (Edited 2051d ago )

>125 a month?? Do you mean Canadian?

smashman982052d ago

Maybe Sony should drop it everywhere else

I got friends I want to play soul sacrifice with but they won't buy a vita until a drop

Adva2052d ago

Testing the waters my friend. They want to see what the Japanese market reacts first. Q4 2013 is probably when other regions get the price cut.

tubers2052d ago

That would be great.. just near KZM release :)

nigelp5202052d ago

Sony should have added a UMD drive inside increase sales from psp uesers

Cupid_Viper_32052d ago

@ Nigelp520

"Sony should have added a UMD drive inside increase sales from psp uesers"

That's exactly what they did, by continuing to manufacturer and support the PSP. If you want to play UMDs, buy a PSP.

Kos-Mos2052d ago

Yes, of course. The 3DS benefits from it. But these kids answering and disagreeing with you know nothing about business. Nintendo on the other hand do.

Aggesan2051d ago

Nintendo knows business? That's why the WiiU's selling so much then I suppose..?

a_bro2051d ago (Edited 2051d ago )

so you want to revert back to the main reason why people hated the PSP in the first place?

you know, if you said something like "had they brought that UMD passport service to the west, and allow us to trade out physical content to digital for the vita to increase sales from psp users" then i would not be here waisting a bubble.

besides that the main reason why there are those that are turned off of the vita. cant blame them. especially the whole proprietary memory cards that cost a lot. that needs a price cut. restructure the prices on them. theres no reason why a 16 vita memory card costs an arm and a leg, i understand that its high speed memory, but still, if they want PSN to be big here, then they should do it.

i for one can't wait to get my vita back next week. its come to the point were it has games.

nigelp5202051d ago

38 dislikes no good lol. I was just saying people have large psp game libraries and wouldnt gamers like to brins all their content on the Vita? I know i would

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landog2052d ago

it needs to be $199 with a 16gb memory card and 1 year ps plus, it would sell like crazzzy at that price!

Cam9772052d ago

Why would you even suggest that? You do know it costs Sony to manufacture the Vita, right?

smashcrashbash2052d ago (Edited 2052d ago )

Yeah and send them bankrupt.$199 with a 16gb memory card and a Whole year of PSNPlus? That would be crazzzzzzy alright. Why don't they just hand them out for free if they are aiming for bankruptcy?

tubers2052d ago

Be reasonable:

Wifi VITA + 4 GB card = $ 199.99

landog2052d ago (Edited 2052d ago )

ok...i'd go for that, does it come with at least 3 months ps plus>>>>

i want a vita, really, i just need there to be a few more games i really, really want, then i'll grab one, i'll pay $250 no problem if it comes with a reasonable amount of memory and has 5 games i really, really want that i can pick up for $20-$30

Bowzabub2051d ago (Edited 2051d ago )

I'm sure Kaz can send his wife over to scrub your toilet too if you ask nicely! Entitled?

landog2051d ago

i'd let her scrub something

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