PS4's first third-party exclusive content

Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag will get PS4 and PS3-exclusive content on release.

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Godchild10202058d ago (Edited 2058d ago )

Is this the first console to get two types (Content from Bungie, a Shooter/mmo and from Ubisoft, an adventure) of exclusive content before the console has even been shown? or released? Not games, just in game exclusive content.

Prodigy-X2058d ago

I think so but it could be third party developers are choosing the PS4 for lead platform next gen but will see come E3 2013.

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NewMonday2058d ago

most buyers of the initial game don't buy DLC, and in case of BF3 it was only 2 weeks in advance for the PS3. DLC doesn't shift consoles, maybe only the decision of gamers who already have multi-platforms.

and it is unlikely money is paid directly for the DLC, most likely a lower licencing fee or special promotion in the digital store.

RememberThe3572058d ago

Sony knows what MS is doing with third parties. You think devs and publishers don't talk to each other? Sony knows whats going on with MS and MS knows whats going on with Sony. Nintendo, Sony, and MS are the kings of the game industry (PC is a lawless land lol), they know whats going on in their kingdoms and they know whats going on in each others kingdoms.

They may not know specifics but if third parties know, then they know. Long before journalists or any of us hear about it.

Majors2058d ago

Sony will have exclusive content for both PS3 & 4
But this will only be weapons, clothing and a level maybe.
I bet M$ will also have their own exclusive content also but just different to Sony platforms.
This way all gamers will be in a win situation and no one will lose out.
Gaming at its best...

alousow2058d ago

bungie n ubisoft already having exclusive content for ps4. this looking good. SONY for ever

aPerson2058d ago

Exclusive content for multiplat games is never a good thing. It screws the fans over for not owning a particular console.

What if Skyrim's DLC was never released on the PS3? Would be okay with that too?

Skate-AK2058d ago

I wouldn't compare 60 minutes of DLC gameplay to 40+ hours of DLC gameplay.

Qrphe2058d ago

It's not really PS4-exclusive if the PS3 has it.

Kingdom Come2057d ago

Destiny will most likely have exclusive content on each platform.
Halo armour on the Xbox is a given...

Cocozero2058d ago

Sony will have to do better than that. Exclusive DLC for GTA 4 and COD were system sellers for the 360 these minor DLC won't have much impact.

Darth Stewie2058d ago

You forgot the word "timed" at the beginning of your second sentence.

dredgewalker2058d ago (Edited 2058d ago )

Compared to exclusive games, exclusive dlc's aren't much of a loss if you think about it. It also tells me which developer actually cares for it fans if they don't impose it.

Edit: Also wasting 50 million dollars just to get a certain exclusive dlc is an awful waste, you can develop a whole game with that budget.

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The story is too old to be commented.