Review: Atelier Ayesha: The Alchemist of Dusk | Digitally Downloaded

Digitally Downloaded writes: "Of all the JRPGs that I have played in this generation, the Atelier games by the tiny development outfit, GUST, have been the ones that I have enjoyed the most."

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Richlando2105d ago

Very good review, fnding out for myself in 45 mins!

MattS2105d ago

It's a JRPG fan's dream. :-)

BldyShdw2105d ago

Could I play this if I never played the Arland trilogy?

Sweelix2105d ago

yes, it's a new trilogy, so playing the previous games isn't needed XD

MattS2105d ago

@BldyShdw yup, there's no crossover so you won't miss anything if you haven't played the Arland games.

But you should play the Arland games too.

izumo_lee2105d ago

I enjoyed the Arland series but some of the game mechanics in the games caused some frustrations. They changed some of these in Ayesha & for me personally is a welcome change.

I pre-ordered the game on the PSN (yeah custom theme!) & since finishing (& Platinum) Ni No Kuni this will hold me over til Neptunia V comes out.

MattS2105d ago

I agree that generally the gameplay was cleaned up for the better.

I personally found the setting and stories of the Arland games more engaging, but only just. As far as I'm concerned, GUST can do no wrong.

Donnieboi2105d ago

We need more jrpg's. Wtf is taking Atlus so long to announce persona 5? Plus with the time it takes to do english localization, I may never see this game come out anytime soon >_<… Damnit it's been 5 years since Persona 4 came out.....