Japanese accessory charges GamePad through Wii U console

NE: "Gametech has launched a new Wii U accessory in Japan that allows users to charge the GamePad through the main console."

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Eorl2055d ago

Pretty sure you can just use a mini-usb and plug it into the front USB slots. Might be wrong here though.

Heisenburger2055d ago

That's why this company invented this device.
Because it wasn't needed. /s

Come on man.... ;)

Nevers0ft2055d ago

You're wrong :) The Gamepad connector vaguely looks like a Mini-USB connector but it isn't.

masa20092055d ago

Oh, because it couldn't do it by default?
This console really is a 7 year late 360 in disguise.

sashimi2055d ago

Lol i thought USB power is enough to charge the WiiU gamepad while in use.

profgerbik2054d ago (Edited 2054d ago )

I am sorry but this just shows how much Nintendo cuts corner to save money for themselves while they make profits off their cheap devices.

People think Nintendo is taking a loss selling the Wii U at the price it is now? Sure just like when they tried to sell the 3DS for $250 dollars?

I know they aren't simply because like always shit like this, always cutting cost during hardware production. I mean what kind of shit is this... First the 3DS was remade several times and they never added a damn second analog stick.. instead someone had to make a separate add on.. that is huge I mind you and looks completely stupid to carry around.

I mean it can't even charge it's own controller with the device itself.. Whatever the blind will be blind, if my brother didn't buy the Wii U I wouldn't even be playing this thing that much or own one for that matter.

Sure it is going to have good games but it is the lack of care Nintendo puts into their devices that really bothers me.. Charging this much for something that just comes with a tablet that is the are bones minimum of what a tablet should be I mind you.. of cutting cost with the screen, old VGA and no multi-touch in this day and age everything practically has multi-touch even cheap ass cell phones.

I really could go on and on about all the little things Nintendo always has done to cut corners and save them money while still selling their hardware for top dollar when it is far from that..

I just remember my brother coming into my room and asking me about this and I my response was literally WTF!? You are kidding me right? Wasn't surprising to me though that is why I didn't spend my money on the damn thing.

Good games or not I don't take getting ripped off kindly. That kind of shit right there feels like a complete rip off.. I shouldn't see something selling for $300+ dollars that cannot even do basic remedial tasks that basically everything else in the same price range does.

I knew the only thing they would invest in is a decent video card for the Wii U and everything else would be cheap.. and of course as always and as history constantly has to repeat itself that is exactly what they did and what happened..

Sorry I am still really pissed over the 3DS and that stupid ass second analog stick add on they seriously expected people to use that only works with very few games anyway.. to make matters even worse.

pikey2054d ago

most of what you wrote in your little diatribe was incoherent so i stopped reading halfway through.

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