PS3Fanboy: Insomniac chats about the Nocturnal Initiative

PS3 Fanboy writes: Last week at GDC, Insomniac Games surprised the development community by opening a new set of publicly accessible tools they've dubbed the "Nocturnal Initiative." We had a chance to talk with some of the developers at the company about why they started such an intriguing program, and what they expect to deliver with it.

Q: The response from readers about the Nocturnal Initiative has been overwhelmingly positive. How has the development community responded?

A: Well, we've talked to other people in the industry, and whenever we bring this up, they get excited. Other people are excited about doing this kind of thing. One of the great things is Ted's openness. It surprised us that we really was like "do it." Not any kind of push back that you'd expect.

Q: This isn't the first time Insomniac has reached out to the community at large. How was the response to the R&D page that Insomniac opened a few months ago?

A: We get a lot of feedback about the R&D page, saying "hey, we really appreciate this." I've gotten e-mails from Intel and the industry at large. People are interested in what we have to say.

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killer_trap4185d ago

it's official those guys don't sleep. now i see why they chose the name Insomniac

sonarus4185d ago

seriously speaking all these guys need to do is score once more with resistance 2 and they will have to be developers of the yr. 3 top tier titles in less than 3 yrs on a platform that is notoriously hard to develop for and they still have time to show the development community a thing or two. This is one game i am pretty confident won't be getting delayed

Cwalat4185d ago

Dude, can i sign up someplace so i could also contribute in some way?
they really deserve all kinds of medals and awards..

damnwrx4185d ago

A well verse altogether team......

ikiru33854185d ago

insomniac, i give you props.

jacobdevos4185d ago

but possibly one of the most considerate companies ever.
imagine writing a program for ps3, and it OWNS.. and everyone is wondering like.. how did they do that?
so you go to their WIKI, and see that they showed you how.. without even knowing your name.
i dont know if you guys code, but when you write something really great, it feels really good to let other people see it... but letting other people HAVE it for free without even shaking their hand!! that's called being humble.
insomniac, you the man. keep it up

Mr Tretton4185d ago

Insomniac is going for the crown.

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