Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds (XBLA) Review | Marooners' Rock

Andrew at Marooners' Rock writes:

"For the past week I’ve been glued to my TV playing the recently released game Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds. Boy have I been having a good time, which might tell you the game is good, but it could have flaws as well. I’ll be asking you a few questions which you may have thought at some point. Do you wish you could find a game that is as good if not better than the Scott Pilgrim game and has online multiplayer? Look no further I’ve found the game for you, which released on Feb. 27th 2013 for only 800msp/$10.00. What is this game? It’s called Phantom Breaker: BattleGrounds brought to you by Division2 and published by Mages."

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