Tomb Raider Review: A Believer is Born | Joystiq

Joystiq: "It was hard for me to come to grips with these facts, and I spent many hours questioning Crystal Dynamics' new direction. That was until I realized the truth: It's all just a long con."

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Chupa-Chupa2143d ago

Wonder if there will be a PS4 version.

gamer78042143d ago

Sounds like they are bringing in a new audience but at the same time neglecting their original fans...

optimus2142d ago

In what way? So far it has given me the feeling of when i played the 1st tomb raider game on the playstation...the feeling of playing something special and of high quality...i'm only at 4% and think it's excellent.

kurac2142d ago

I've heard puzzles are dull and not challenging. Smart puzzles and platforming were my favorite part of Tomb Raider. It used to be a game which you could play with your girlfriend/boyfriend. It kinda smells like Uncharted now. Uncharted is an amazing game but it's an action game with lots of shooting. I really can't decide if I should buy this game. People comment but you never know who's paid to comment. And of those who praise it, maybe they were not a true fan of TR in the first place, maybe Gears Of War and Uncharted is more their thing. :|

optimus2142d ago (Edited 2142d ago )

Well i for one don't like puzzles that will keep me in an area for over 30 min...i think that's what turned me off to everything after tomb raider 2... So far i can see a progression of puzzles in terms of challenge.
They don't throw you anything overly difficult from the start because they want you to explore and get a feel for the controls, which coincides nicely considering this is where lara becomes the kick ass archeologist that we know her as... I think if challenge is your biggest fear then you should just crank up the difficulty from the start...but as an overall game; graphics, sound, control, story, presentation? It is all top notch and if you were to tell me this was a next gen game without me playing it i would believe you...

I never played uncharted but i hear it's pretty good. The irony being that uncharted borrowed from tomb raider and cranked it up to full speed, now some might say that this new tomb raider borrowed from uncharted, but is that necessarily a bad thing?... I'm more than happy with what they've done with this and am already eager to see the next tomb raider on next gen... I'm far from finishing it and so far it is the game of the year for me...(including last year).

This game is no where near being anything like gears of war, in gears once you get your weapons you pretty much know how the rest of the game is going to go. For me it got repetitive and boring quick and i only played it for the sake of finishing it. Not with this tomb raider, as you get to upgrade your skills and weapons as you progress. It has more action than any previous tomb raider which i certainly appreciate...i would gladly play this game over and over again simply because it's just fun to play...i highly recommend it.