European / Others Hardware Charts for Week Ending March 1st, 2008

VGChartz reports that the European / Others hardware charts for week ending March 1st, 2008 was as follows:

(IN brackets is last weeks #)

Total Hardware:

DSL: 173,987 (154,660)
Wii: 92,338 (99,365)
PS3: 75,390 (78,938)
360: 47,735 (44,040)
PSP: 45,623 (45,521)
PS2: 41,311 (43,302)

UK Total:

DSL: 48,858 (39,087)
Wii: 28,150 (34,068)
360: 20,186 (17,260)
PS3: 20,125 (21,238)
PSP: 7,964 (7,945)
PS2: 6,778 (7,053)

France Total:

DSL: 29,149 (25,201)
Wii: 26,698 (26,173)
PS3: 11,455 (11,999)
PSP: 6,047 (5,957)
PS2: 4,161 (4,270)
360: 2,732 (2,609)

Spain Total:

PS3: 15,106 (15,554)
DSL: 13,016 (12,108)
PSP: 9,136 (8,729)
Wii: 8,304 (8,684)
PS2: 6,333 (6,710)
360: 1,601 (1,522)

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TheHater4183d ago seems that VGchartz finally have the ps3 over 10.5 millions unit worldwide. but they are a month late on that.

ruibing4183d ago

Sooner or later the PS3 will get to a point where half a million won't matter anymore.

Skaterboy Tell Em4183d ago

Exacly the ps3 should be at over 11 million by now vgcharts is slow.

sonarus4183d ago (Edited 4183d ago )

ps3 needs to pick up the pace if they expect to outsell the 360 by summer of 08. Only game i see doing that for ps3 is mgs4. Sony didnt do too good a job of spreading out the un coming games. but as can be seen sony is pulling closer to the wii. They just need to repeat the same results in JP and NA.

baxter4183d ago (Edited 4183d ago )

PS3 has definitely crossed 11 million mark in EUROPE.

On the other hand x360 should be around 16 million. Vgchartz never fixed their deflated x360 numbers

as for UK it is totally hilarious. There is no way x360 could beat the PS3 in UK .

Look into HMV,GAME and PLAY,AMAZON for details. x360 console is not even on the list of any top retailer in UK

****************The most controversial VG CRAP data is the MIDDLE EASTERN SALES (OTHER)

VG has an american product (x360) outselling Japanese products in OTHER (mostly middle eastern countries!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! )


thats a total shame .

No middle eastern (mostly muslims) dont buy US products after IRAQ invasion.

In OTHER (middle east and rest of asia (singapore,HK) ---Wii is actually the no1 selling gaming product FOLLOWED very closely by the PS3.

X360 doesnt even exist in Middle eastern countries. In Indian subcontinent too Wii is the most popular followed by the PS3

sonarus4183d ago

well the numbers are very close and these are just estimates bottom line is they sold about the same in UK. Vgchartz arent official and yes ps3 numbers should be higher and 360 numbers should probably be be lower but its whatever. PS3 has taken the lead in the UK and it is slowly creeping up on the wii. With the heavy onslaught of exclusive games the gap for the ps3 is sure to widen. GTP is sure to give ps3 a decent boost in the UK and offcourse it is drawing close to MGS4 sales which will probably give the ps3 its biggest sales boost this yr. Hopefully the games keep piling on after mgs4 so that ps3 sales stay high and they can maintain that momentum through xmas. However i expect some games to be delayed

baxter4183d ago

HMV UK ( UK's biggest store)

PS3 is at no 20. x360 nowhere in sight


PS3 at no 11 . where is x360

I mean you can easily see that X360 exists only in the dreams of VGCHARTZ in UK. nowhere else. It is a shame that VG inflates X360 sales every week. THe Blu Ray victory has given ps3 a huge boost in sales EVER SINCE EARLY FEBRUARY ,2008

In reality ps3 might be outselling x360 2:1 in UK

as for VG's OTHER sales That is simply unacceptable.

a US product outselling JAPANESE product in predominant islamic countries after IRAQ INVASION?????????????????????? ??????


sonarus4183d ago

@baxter i am pretty sure hmv charts only reference online sales. Same as amazon so it is still a small fraction.

Cwalat4183d ago

But isn't it just gorgeuos to see how PS2 is outselling 360 in spain and france? HAHAHAHAHAHaHAHAHAHAHA

Kenshin_BATT0USAI4183d ago

where did you get that idea that no Muslim buys American products? Thats a bit racist don't you think stereotyping people, because of one event. Definitely disagree.

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Da360sucks4183d ago

ps3 rulesssssssssssssssssss

MailMan4183d ago

They've LOST Europe,they've LOST Japan,and they JUST lost North America in January.Known as the BABIES of the videogame industry,these MILKABLE gamers also ADOPTED the NON-EXISTENT HD DVD format,along with the HORRENDOUS operating system known as Windows Vista.

Bonus Hint:These same DIMWITS have a STRONG desire for the Playstation 3 EXCLUSIVE Metal gear Solid 4.

For your chance to WIN a MASTERPIECE created by SONY Corp,fill in the 2 empty blanks with the CORRECT letters to spell out the NAME of the GULLIBLE,LAUGHABLE,and embarrassingly PATHETIC gamers:


Jump OUT and Play B3YOND

cmrbe4183d ago

your are just cruel man. Class act.

The Killer4183d ago

and i know arabs wont buy american product especially now that israel killing the palastinians in gaza with the support of USA and the war in iraq and interfering with the lebanese presidential thing.

but i think if arabs buy 360 it will be for some reasons!
1) they buy the arcade model cuz they dont need hard drive cuz the internet sucks in arab countries.
2) the arcade model is cheap
3)360 is pirated, i know that almost no body buys original games, and ps3 is still protected till now.

cmrbe4183d ago (Edited 4183d ago )

Same story PS3 beats MS. Wii owns all.

InYourMom4183d ago

Funny not even 2 posts ago people were screaming how VGChartz is totally screwed up and now here we are praising them again because it shows PS3 over 360.

Too funny..

cmrbe4183d ago

indication.If anything. Vg numerous times inflate x360 numbers.

Willio4183d ago

Its also funny how half a year ago, critics claimed ps3 to be a flop.

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