How Strong of a Launch Line-Up for PS4? - Unscripted Access Episode #36

"The claim during an investors meeting is the PlayStation 4 is eight to ten times more powerful than the PlayStation 3. A Sony VP claims that the "PlayStation 4 will have the strongest launch we've ever had," and Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag is announced."

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DJnal052058d ago

The launch line up is looking pretty impressive

tmanmushroom2058d ago

And there is still more to be announced!

Nick2120042058d ago

I am stoked for the new Killzone.

Chupa-Chupa2058d ago

Hopefully Sony announces an Uncharted game at E3.

BitbyDeath2058d ago

I'm still waiting to see what a bad game looks like.
All so far look quite polished unlike current gen.

Dragos752058d ago

"All so far look quite polished unlike current gen."

lol..That's not true. We haven't seen enough of anything to say whether it's polished or not but i'm sure they will be.

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