Sony's PlayStation 3 Video Store Sounds Ready To Go

According to sources who attended the retailer and publisher focused Destination PlayStation conference last week in Scottsdale, Arizona, Sony showed off some of its video store. It reportedly uses the same SingStore-like interface we talked about in our PlayStation Store revamp post, something we hoped to capture in the mock-up of the video store above.

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TheHater3883d ago (Edited 3882d ago )

So when is it coming out? I think that what everyone want to know

Edit: @1.1
Suggesting, and the actually release date are not the same. I prefer to hear it from Sony. Don't take it the wrong way dude.

Buubar3882d ago (Edited 3882d ago )

Kotaku have suggested a release of 'Springtime'

@ 1

I thought you didn't know about the bit that Kotaku had posted, thats all. ;)

Cwalat3882d ago

Is this a secondary store?

Or is it an all new updated Playstation Store?

masterg3882d ago


The big store design update they have promised for April might just be with the video store included.

Has anyone got anything negative to say about the PS3 now?
I cant think of a single thing.

Jamegohanssj53882d ago

Superbad? I really need to see that overrated movie; high five.

The Genius has spoken.

grilledgorlupa83882d ago

Dude if you havent even seen it how can you say its overrated?

Its like one of the best comedies in the last year. I mean I guess if you dont like laughing or feeling happy you might not like this movie.

Big Jim3882d ago

Superbad is not overrated. Its a great movie. Best of last year.

RJ20003882d ago


Dont you know PS3 will have all of them since HD-DVD is "dead". No argument really.

moparful993882d ago

Well considering that sony owns alot of the american movie studios like columbia and so on its easy to see that alot of great movies will come out on the video store.. My question, however is, will they be rentals only or are we buying them? I dont want to pay like 9 dollars a movie to only have for a day like xbl.... I hope sony gets this right...

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Lifendz3882d ago

With a standard HDD and the ability to use any drive you want (I upped mine to 160 for a mere 30 bucks) it only makes sense to do this. It's overdue imo. Sony has music, movies, and a plethora of games yet to be released that were PS1 and PS2 classics. C'mon Sony, get on it. We all want this.

Wow it feels good to be a PS3 owner.

vegnadragon3882d ago

Sony is planing to go all out in spring.

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