Edge Magazine Previewing MotorStorm

Quote from the article: "The key to me at the moment, looking at the forums, is that people still don't accept our screenshots as being realtime. if you look at it that way, then we're clearly doing something right."

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specialguest6487d ago

the AI sounds incredible. as quoted from the magazine scan:

"There's every chance that this will be the genre game to complicate AI routines to the point that they're genuinely capable of surprise, even after months of play."

UrbanJabroni6487d ago

But that is about all I'm ready to give this game yet. To say that a 1st generation game is going to be capable of groundbreaking AI seems, to me, to be a little unbelievable at this point.

It may be there, but until I can verify this with my own eyes, I am very skeptical about this promise.

richie007bond6487d ago

Is this game running at 720p or 1080p,i think the frame rates going to be 30fps its a nice looking game,ill prob pick this one up some time next year when the ps3 launches in the UK,but i still need to wait for a price drop am not paying 425 pounds+ for this baby,its way over my budget...


How Certain Games Have Hit The Nail On The Head With The Combat System

If you consider yourself a sucker for games with good combat systems, these curated recommendations are just for you.

Abnor_Mal5d ago

For me the game with perfect combat was Lord Of The Ring: Shadow of Mordor.


Anarchy Reigns Retro Review – It’s a Mad World

Gary Green said: If you were one of those lucky gamers who pre-ordered Anarchy Reigns online back in 2012, then you were probably very pleased to see your copy arrive up to two weeks early, allowing you smile smugly at those preferring to pick up the game in-store on launch day, not that many shops were even bothering to stock it. If the early release wasn’t enough to inspire you to pick up Anarchy Reigns, then how about the Limited Edition retailing at under 20GBP? Tempted yet?

It all sounds too good to be true. You might be wondering how the game could ship so early before release. Well, that’s largely down to the fact that Anarchy Reigns was ready months earlier. The Japanese version, titled ‘Max Anarchy’, featured a fully English language option and was released back in autumn 2012. Surely though that’s not a big enough reason to half the price of a new-release game, right? There must be more darkening Anarchy Reigns’ potential to justify such an act.

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Redgrave7d ago

This game was a special kind of fun, I am always keeping a low hope for a re-release because there's little else like it.

Venoxn4g7d ago

I would love a remaster of original Madworld for current gen and PC


LA Noire Devs Are Working On New Psychological Thriller Called Sowden House

Members of the original development team behind Rockstar Games' LA Noire are working on a new psychological thriller called Sowden House.

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Profchaos8d ago

Hopefully McNamara is as far away from this as possible he set up shop in Australia then did nothing but complain about Australian labour laws while trying to make his workers live at the office working 24/7 on la noire punishing them for leaving at 3 am and being 10 minutes late to work at 9am the next day.

It's astonishing that none of the workers went to the fair work ombudsman as the studio would have been fined astronomical numbers

porkChop8d ago

Brendan McNamara is a brilliant writer and director but he should never, ever be in charge of a studio. What he did to those devs was far beyond "crunch", and it went on for, what, 7 years? That's insane.

But I'm glad to see some of that team have come together again to create something new. A psychological thriller sounds right up my alley.

anast7d ago

I would have liked to see a new noir game.

Demetrius7d ago

I been enjoying LA noire my first time playing it the vibe is🔥