Robert Bowling announces The Adventures of Dash, a 2D platformer about a narcoleptic boy

Eurogamer - Former Infinity Ward creative strategist Robert Bowling may have his sights on the post-apocalyptic epic Human Element due in 2015, but until then his new studio Robotoki is crowdsourcing its maiden game The Adventures of Dash on Kickstarter.

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JonahNL2150d ago

I hope it doesn't feature Last Stand.

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Kyosuke_Sanada2150d ago (Edited 2150d ago )

Last Stand was hilarious. I love getting the game winning kill when someone has it mainly because as he/she lies on the floor, Slo-mo kill from smoke grenade to the head.

stuna12150d ago

I'm trying to envision a character who randomly fall asleep, and I can't help thinking of a character falling asleep in mid-jump if it's a platformer, all I see is a lot of broken phones and ipads.

porkChop2150d ago

Yeah... I'm not sure how they intend to pull this off and make a compelling game. Seems like it's just going to frustrate a lot of people.

MidnytRain2150d ago

I'm pretty sure it's easy to code the game so he doesn't fall asleep in the air...

Bumpmapping2150d ago

Hope I don't fall asleep playing it.

Pandamobile2150d ago

$400,000 for an iOS game? Good luck with that, Bowling.

IK IR Y IP T2150d ago

who cares this guy is a joke all he was at IW was the community manager and he acts like he is some bigshot his shit is going to suck

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