End Game: EA Closes the Book on Battlefield 3 | IGN

IGN: "Over a year and a half since the game's launch, DICE readies its fifth and final DLC expansion."

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IK IR Y IP T2079d ago

i really like the way dice handled the dlc with this game new maps modes guns weapon skins dog tags with each dlc and it was perfectly spaced out unlike call of booty !

Derekvinyard132079d ago

I feel the same way, this is how you support a game

cyclindk2079d ago

Agreed. I can always think of ways they can improve the process, but overall it was implemented well.

Just hope DICE themselves handle the MENU UI stuff for Battlefield 4 and not whatever third party did it last time.

Using the shoulder buttons and face buttons and D-Pad combination was and remains awkward compared to simple D-Pad and hitting X to select and O to go back.

Oschino19072079d ago

Would have been nice if the DLC modes weren't tied to the 4 DLC maps they came with. That's the main thing I think they messed up with the DLC because the maps got overplayed for those modes and the number of people playing them drops after the first few weeks.

Obviously it may not work well for all modes on all maps but it shouldn't have been tied solely to 4. Modes should have been FREE with atleast 4 maps playable from vanilla version that would work with them. That way everyone gets a chance to play them and possibly entice them to purchase DLC. It's not like they are all unique modes, many are standard in some form on a majority of Multiplayer FPS games or other BF games.

Merrill2079d ago

Say what you will about the game, but it had amazing support with some really, really good map packs. Back To Karkand & Close Quarters are incredible.

venom062079d ago Show
Oschino19072079d ago

Why is anyone even bringing up COD?

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