New enemy to debut in Dead Space: Awakened

We know Awakened is scheduled to appear sometime this month, but not much more outside of that.

Now the team at Visceral have revealed the first image of a new enemy that will appear in the DLC.

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XIIIWARRIOR412149d ago

I would call that thing The Goliath. Other than that, like the guy said on twitter...the hell with taking it down, run to the nearest exit!

Lvl_up_gamer2149d ago

I am too disappointed in Dead Space 3 that I won't be buying any new DLC.

aviator1892148d ago

After having played the game, I actually dig the game.
Granted, the first two are superior, but nothing in dead space 3 really is overwhelmingly disappointing.

Just a few small things that could have made the game better, but I feel those complaints are few for me.

r212149d ago

Hope the enemy's not annoying as those rammer types. Hated those bastards.

Emzx992149d ago

Honestly just looks like one large arm in comparison to it's "normal" one, and a fuster cluck of crap on it's face. Doesn't even look remotely creative.