At Least One Gamer Is Pissed At Sony For A Small, But Misleading Vita Description

Kotaku - Earlier this year, Kotaku reader Lewis bought a PlayStation Vita. He bought two 32 GB memory cards: one for games and applications, and the other for music.

"I figured I could use it as an mp3 player as well as a gaming console," Lewis told us. "Unfortunately, that is not the case."

As Lewis soon discovered, the product description on the Vita's 32 GB memory card isn't entirely accurate.

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iGAM3R-VIII2107d ago

It depend how big of a file size his songs are, Sony may of based it on the average size for a song or for a small size,nothing wrong that Sony did.

GraveLord2107d ago

Yeah you're probably right.

ShinMaster2107d ago

"Unfortunately, that is not the case."

Umm yes, you can still use it as an MP3 player. You may not be able to store more than 4000 at a time, but it still works.

Mounce2107d ago

It's song Amount being argued here and not size limitation of the memory stick.

So it's either coincidentally he was only able to fit 4000 and that took ALL 32GB. Orrrr, there's a limitation in file-amount.

I mean, by all means....It's bad if the max is advertised that SIZE-WISE it can fit an Average of This Many Songs, but there be a Cap on quantity. At the same time that remaining bad I come to ask...

WHO THE FUCK HAS 4000 SONGS TO LISTEN TO?! JESUS! I bet he can't name 100 of them off the top of his head! lol.

Deputydon2107d ago

I have a 64 GB SD Card in my Galaxy Note 2 and I most definitely listen to every band in my library of music. Yeah, maybe not all in one road trip or listening session, but its a lot easier to have 8000+ songs on one device than to have to keep deleting and transferring music when you feel like listening to it.

Also, just for reference at how ridiculous the comment is that "he can't name 100 songs." One of my favorite rappers of all time is Aesop Rock (the white guy) and right now on just my phone I have 189 songs from just him. And yes, I listen to them all very often.

One of my favorite bands is also Thrice, right now, on my phone, I have 149 Thrice songs.

If you can't name 100 songs you like, then you probably aren't listening to music worth hearing.

MuleKick2107d ago

Anyone with an Android phone that's not using Google Music is wasting tons of memory card space. The file itself may be 25-30mb.

snipes1012106d ago (Edited 2106d ago )

Why does everyone care that the kid wants to use it as an MP3 player? It's his Vita, he'll use it how he wants to.

Second, why is everyone giving him crap for having so many songs? I have 10,000 on my 250 gig iPod and no, I don't listen to all of them at once. But, I want to have it all at my disposal so I can listen to what I want, when I want, without having to constantly swap songs on and off my device.

Thirdly, why is everyone giving the kid crap? The box says the card can hold 9,000 songs, and it is capping the limit off at less than half that. Does no one see a problem with this? It's false advertising, or shady advertising at best. The fact that customer service gave him the runaround like that and actually told him to go buy more stuff from them is just the icing on the screw-you cake.

Mounce2106d ago


Just because you can name an amount of songs you have.....doesn't mean you can see to name all the names of the songs you like. '149 Thrice songs' Well good for you! . . . .

Do you want a cookie? I spoke of asking if anyone can NAME 100 SONGS, all you do is push the same question back out to me and others without doing it yourself? What the fuck? rofl.

So you have 189 songs of another guy! . . Man, you can name a Band, but you can't name 100 songs off by heart is what I was betting to others. But good job Half-answering a question bro.

Viper72106d ago

//Anyone with an Android phone that's not using Google Music is wasting tons of memory card space.
The file itself may be 25-30mb.//

When I go to the Google Music service I get message.

"The Google Play music player is currently available in select territories."

Besides I prefer youtube, they have far more content there and plenty of songs that even spotify doesn't have.

MarkusMcNugen2106d ago (Edited 2106d ago )


Not all of us live in 4g coverage areas my man. 3G sometimes just doesnt cut it with streaming. Especially if its a 320kbps mp3.

I guarantee you I could name over a hundred songs in my library. Its quite easy to do when you have 8000+ songs with most being the music you love the most.

But why would I sit here and type up 100 song names off the top of my head? No one would believe me anyways... its the internet lol.

Wh15ky2106d ago

@ Mounce

4000 songs is only somewhere between 300 and 400 albums. I would say alot of people have alot more than that, I know I do.


Who on earth is going to waste their time listing 100 songs for you to then accuse them of copying and pasting a list of songs? And why do you think it would be a difficult task? 100 songs is less than 10 albums, are you saying you can't name every song on your 10 favourite albums?

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admiralvic2107d ago (Edited 2107d ago )

Clearly you didn't read the article, since it's not a matter of size, but an actual design limitation. According to the article / the Vita, the system stops you at exactly 4,000 songs (like 100 apps), so it has nothing to do with size.

With this being said, I think this is just an example of standardized listings on memory cards. I honestly never read how "many" songs, pictures, whatever it can "hold", since sizes will make a difference. Either or, odd limitation that will ideally be removed in the future.

Squall50052107d ago

It's pretty obvious that loads of people don't bother reading the articles. You only have to look at any comment section on N4G. Most replies will be a response to the headline.

I'm a huge Sony fanboy and proud of it, but I gotta say that the memory card situation for the Vita sucks. Still too over-priced and max size of 32gb. Mine is already full.

But it's funny to see people like 'iGAM3R-VIII' blindly defending something they haven't even bothered to check.

Bereaver2107d ago

There is a slight chance that his meaning was sony took an average number say... 8mb and said, let's stick the limit at 4000. (4000x8mb=32gb)

Did you think he could have possibly meant that? Because that's what I thought he was talking about.

"Sony may of based it on the average size for a song or for a small size"

Unfortunately though, an average song size isn't 8mb unless you've got all HD songs.

Ritsujun2107d ago

The clown bought a vita to store 4000+ songs? A top-notch clown, indeed.

InMyOpinion2107d ago (Edited 2107d ago )

@Ritsujun - The clown bought a vita? A top-notch clown, indeed. *fixed*

Hicken2107d ago

Sometimes, people don't actually go as far as to read thew article once they see the source. They expect, and reasonably so, in some cases, that it'll be something crappy, with a title written for hits and little to no substance.

This article, being from Kotaku, falls under that category of "grain of salt" articles. This is especially true with it being about something Sony-related, since they've been known to troll in the past.

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Squall50052107d ago

You didn't even read the article did you?

There is a 4000 song limit regardless of the size of the files.

sobekflakmonkey2107d ago


Yeah sure does...that means I can't put 4001 songs on :(

superterabyte2106d ago

who needs more than 4000 songs?

Rush2107d ago

I don't often come off in Sony's court but really? First of all who uses a Vita as primary MP3 player. Secondly who complains about a 4000 song limit on a device that wasn't sold listed or even advertised as an MP3 player.

I have 98 GB's of storage of my Galaxy S3, why would I carry around a Vita to store MP3s. Finally who actually listens to 4000 different songs on a regular basis on a device with poor battery performance compared to a smart phone for playing MP3s.

aquamala2107d ago (Edited 2107d ago )

who cares that you have a Galaxy S3? does Vita come with a Galaxy S3? this is what the guy wants to use the device for.

a music player is clearly advertised as a feature

knifefight2107d ago

Rush's post, truncated: "Why aren't my preferences everyone else's? Why isn't my lifestyle everyone else's?"

DarthJay2107d ago

That guy obviously uses it as an MP3 player. He's not you. He has a right to feel however he wants.

Mr_Writer852107d ago


'a music player is clearly advertised as a feature'

And the Vita plays music...your point being?

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iGAM3R-VIII2107d ago

Yes I did read the article calm down its just a misunderstanding and to fix my comment yea that is kind of false advertisement then. Though I probably wouldn't use a vita as a primary mu sic source

showtimefolks2107d ago

I have 494 songs on mine and I feel like that's too many but 4000 damn lol

joeorc2107d ago (Edited 2106d ago )

"It depend how big of a file size his songs are, Sony may of based it on the average size for a song or for a small size,nothing wrong that Sony did."

100% correct, there is a freaking * before the number's with any flash memory, there is a freaking disclaimer, the Music has thing's Like File format of the Music, bit rate,what will be your sample rate you want the Music to be in.

did Kotaku even have the orig. PSP?
Nothing really has changed other then the form factor of the flash memory card, the digital storage always has a number of MB or GB of Storage, than that is the Total Number of Bytes you can store.

Use a program like Format Factory or something like that to make your Music files to the sound Quality you want. the Higher the sound Quality the More space it will Take. Its freaking common sense!!

and this Limitation being there may be because of the
Content Manager Assistant so instead of jumping to conclusions about the problem wait until Sony get's back with the freaking answer!

JimmyDanger2106d ago

You should just read the article man. Judging by what you said, it's pretty obvious you didn't. It's got nothing to do with file format. It's capped at 4000 songs and confirmed by Sony.

joeorc2106d ago (Edited 2106d ago )

" Judging by what you said, it's pretty obvious you didn't."

really what do you call this?

first he talked about it listed 9000 song's and i was adressing that was based on what you want your song's to be.

next the limit for the storage card is Like i stated a content mngr. Problem most likely due to the limit on file transfer's number's allowed by the "CMA"
and what do you call this?

"and this Limitation being there may be because of the
Content Manager Assistant so instead of jumping to conclusions about the problem wait until Sony get's back with the freaking answer!"

" It's capped at 4000 songs and confirmed by Sony."

it was not confirmed by Sony they did not get back with them, Like i said this is most likely a issue with the Content Manager Assistant! not with the Hardware! its an Arm Cortex A9 hardware its the same [email protected] hardware that's in the Ipad 3! so with added enhancement's, the software can be changed the hardware cannot. So explain How this would be a Hardware limitation on file Size? for the PSVita when they themselves stated:

"While it's true that technically the memory card could hold 32 gigabytes worth of music, this is a propriety piece of hardware—in other words, you can only use it on the Vita. So why does the memory card's product description say that you can save up to 9,136 songs? This might not be a huge deal to most customers, but for people like Lewis, who bought two memory cards just for this purpose, it's no small problem.

We reached out to Sony for an explanation two weeks ago, when we first heard Lewis's story. Sony has not gotten back to us."

and this so called confirmation :

Sony's website confirms the restriction. You can only save 4,000 songs to use offline on your machine.

was listed for SEN!

that is not the same on How much Music can the PSVita's Memory card can Hold
PD. Have the person who had this complaint try transfer the music from his/her PC to the PSVita and see what Happen's

kikizoo2106d ago

Exactly, some people are acting like you had to choose 4000 songs (300 CDS ! your parents did'nt have that in their entire life), always the same, for takes you 5 minutes to switch some news albums with old ones, stop crying about stupid things rich young boyz.

fatstarr2106d ago

sonys shitty coding, they never thought someone would buy a vita 32 gb memory card and fill it with music.
their code has a break in it like how 32bit windows cant use more than 4gb of ram.

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animegamingnerd2107d ago

why do they need so many pointless articles?

Why o why2107d ago (Edited 2107d ago )

bukaku will always find negative stories to write... the limit is silly though and it would be interesting to find out why but im ignorace stops me from reading the article ......out of all of the sites to kick the bucket bukaku wasnt one of them....Im not wanting people to lose their livelihoods so dont get all emo on me..bukaku have just sucked since I first met em

DragonKnight2107d ago

Kotaku jumping on the chance to spread Sony hate? Naaaahhhhhh that never happens at all.

Story Quality: WTF?
Like this website?: No

MiloGarret2107d ago

Sony fanboys crying on N4G? Naaaahhhhh, that never happens at all.

Story quality: Excellent
Like this website: Yes

DragonKnight2107d ago

Oh wow, a troll? You hear stories about the presence of trolls online but they are said to be so rare that you have a better chance of winning the lottery, or being struck by lightning. And now I have encountered one. What a momentous occasion, I shall have to spread word across the land. None will believe me, but then it's great to have actual proof of it. I'm off to buy a lottery ticket!

fatstarr2106d ago

Lmao, cookies. sony fanboys are hypocrites and extremely biased.

RememberThe3572107d ago (Edited 2107d ago )

EDIT: nvm. This is a system issue. The card still has space but the the system is stopping him from loading more music. Pretty stupid on Sony's port.

admiralvic2107d ago

The only moron here is you... the article is about a DESIGN limitation. The Vita stops you at 4,000 songs, which has nothing to do with size, nor is it something the average person would anticipate.

This is why you have to read people... sometimes there is a reason / point to the article.

Squall50052107d ago (Edited 2107d ago )


"Wow this guy is a moron. How many songs you can pack on a 32gb card depends on how big those files are. I can't pack the same amount of WAV files on a card as I can 128kbps MP3s, it's just not gonna happen. That kind of the whole point behind MP3 and AAC.

Again, what a moron, and what a moron for running this story. "

You're the moron.

If you actually took 30 seconds to read the article you would see that there is a 4000 song limit on the memory card, regardless of file size.

Again...what a moron.

EDIT: Added "RememberThe357's&quo t; original comment.

dead_eye2107d ago

@RememberThe357 Editing your whole comment. That's a bit sad.

@Squall5005 The article is wrong. The description is right. The card can hold roughly that amount it's just the vita won't let it.

RememberThe3572107d ago (Edited 2107d ago )

I got it. I didn't see the bottom part of the article (after the pictures), but thanks for rushing to judgement about my rush to judgement.

Haha @above, if that makes you feel better.

@admiralvic: Couldn't agree more. I mistakenly thought the article was over after the pictures. When I read through it again I saw there was more and edited my comment to what it is now.

@Seraphemz: Haha thats true too. They're the Huffington Post of game journalism. Sometimes spot on, most of the time full of crap. lol

Seraphemz2107d ago

I cant really blame you for not really reading an article from Kotaku... i mean...its Kotaku..

GreenRanger2107d ago

"I figured I could use it as an mp3 player as well as a gaming console," Lewis told us. "Unfortunately, that is not the case."
I think if it can hold 4000 songs in the MP3 format, then it IS an MP3 player, Kotaku.