Crytek wants to do away with dedicated single-player games; I'm on board

Digitally Downloaded writes: "Gaming is a social activity now. While I fully support the idea that people want to play single-player games, and you’ll never see me log into a multiplayer game unless I have to for review, I like the idea of developers being creative and using social elements to enhance the single player game."

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animegamingnerd2080d ago

anyone who agrees with crytek on this is a freaking idiot

nukeitall2079d ago

I know!

Single player is a huge part of why I game. I love multiplayer, but sometimes I just want to kick back, enjoy some relaxing story mode.

DumpManager2079d ago

Ok Crytek, then don't.

If you can't hack it at single player games anymore than that is one of your shortcomings.

Mr-SellJack2079d ago

well i agree since crytek sucks at making an outstanding campaign aswell as hunter mode(crysis 3) was enjoyable and something new

zeal0us2079d ago

Welp if they do get rid of SP they don't have to worry about some people(myself included) buying their games. Some of us aren't MP Fanatics.

Coach_McGuirk2079d ago

it's not nice to go around calling people idiots

rainslacker2079d ago

We could always wait a few years to buy these types of games when the servers will be a wasteland and not have to worry about the social aspects of it I guess. Seems like a logical way to avoid the social side of SP campaigns.

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Benjaminkno2079d ago

Yeah, that's just being lazy. If you can't conjure up some decent A.I. then you just want to save money.

Now, if you want to implement A.I. along with an online community, that's different. Not everyone who games, plays online! I don't think you should shut out the solo gamer demographic, but to be honest I haven't even read the article yet... :)

stuna12079d ago

So those without internet access should go somewhere and kill themselves???/s

grassyknoll2079d ago

Multiplayer games rarely have the depth, narrative or diverse mechanics of single player games. I sick of pointing & shooting that most multiplayer games seems to offer.

hennessey862079d ago

But nothing compares to being immersed in an amazing single player experience like heavy rain and Alan wake.

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The story is too old to be commented.