Microsoft: IE8 to support standards from the start

Aiming to demonstrate that its commitment to interoperability goes beyond fancy statements, Microsoft said Monday that it is shifting its plans for the next version of Internet Explorer to make the program more friendly to Web standards.

The software maker said that a planned standards compatibility mode will now be the default rendering engine when IE8 makes its debut. Microsoft has already said that the new browser is capable of passing the Acid2 rendering test.

"We think that acting in accordance with principles is important, and IE8's default is a demonstration of the interoperability principles in action," IE general manager Dean Hachamovitch said in a blog posting.

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ruibing4186d ago

Just make it less bloated please.

LinuxGuru4186d ago (Edited 4186d ago )


I agree with ruibing also.

I just got Vista Home Premium, and I actually like Vista.

It's easier to use than XP, and prettier.

I don't care if it's a knockoff of OS X....I'm actually glad.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, they say!

Also, what's wrong with an OS that actually USES your memory to make itself function faster?

And again....I would rather have an OS that requires a dedicated video card to run it, because that would make it easier to "Jump In" to PC gaming.

FordGTGuy4186d ago

How is it a knock off of OS X???

LinuxGuru4186d ago (Edited 4186d ago )

The whole Gadgets thing is straight from the OS X widgets...

An integrated system update function in the main applications menu...

Sidebar = Dock turned sideways...

Real-time index system...

It doesn't bother me though, to be honest.

Anything that is more like OS X is on its way to becoming a better OS.

On another note, one thing I really like about Vista is the Search bar in the start menu.

It combines the search function and the Run function into one bar. It's pretty handy, with the real-time indexing, to be able to type the name of a program I want to find (if you have a large hard drive and lots of programs....sorting through them is a pain), and have it appear, along with all associated files.

An example....I only need to type "Half" and within a fraction of a second, all 4 of my Half-Life 2 games are listed (Half-Life 2, deathmatch, episode 1, lost coast), ready for me to choose which one to start.

I can also type "source" and both of my Source half-life 2 mods (counterstrike source and Day of defeat source) come up.

It's also nice because I don't like lots of clutter in terms of filling my taskbar with quick launch items and stuffing my desktop chock-full of know how ugly that is.

FordGTGuy4185d ago

Vista is a rip off when it came out Jan of 2007 months before OS X launched in Oct. of 2007. Plus these kind of features aren't just ripoffed from competitors and put in the last minute.

Shadow Man4186d ago

Firefox is king. What I don't get is, Why is IE not as good as firefox?
Isn't Microsoft the king of software? Im saying this because I always hear crap from IE.

The_Kills4186d ago

Lets see if IE8 passes the Acid test...

gololo4186d ago

they claimed they did but not in Standards Mode lol....they got it working in quirks mode...shame on MS

FordGTGuy4186d ago

errors I had to give it up. I've been using Mozilla for a long time and will probably still be using it for a while.

LinuxGuru4186d ago

I use firefox.

It's extremely fast with noscript / fasterfox and minifirefox flat theme.

gEnKiE4186d ago

Yes! One browser to rule them all. That is def. Firefox.

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