Female Lead in Future Assassin's Creed "Wouldn't Be Surprising"

IGN - After the announcement of Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, with its fascinating new setting, size, and Far Cry-esque exploration, I couldn't help but wonder one thing:

Another dude? Really?

I asked Black Flag's director, Ashraf Ismail, why we've only seen men in the leading roles of mainline Assassin's Creed games. "It's a bit of a tough question," he told IGN.

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MattS2053d ago

Good. I liked Aveline in the Vita game.

Snookies122053d ago

Yeah, there already has been one...

izumo_lee2053d ago

I know they were talking about main series lead characters but it is surprising the article never mentions Aveline at all.

Though it's funny she was a better character than Connor in AC3.

MattS2053d ago

Agreed. It's a pity that character wasn't given an AAA-budget, because I came away from Liberation really wanting more from her than I got.

ps3_pwns2053d ago

how about they do a black character and call him django that would actually be interesting. do this for the wild west/ civil war era.

Jek_Porkins2053d ago

I seriously doubt they ever do a female lead in the main series. Not sure why there is such a stigma on female leads, but I wouldn't mind it.

jessupj2053d ago

Female character would be a refreshing change. As long as she had a likable personality.

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