Cheater’s Pool for GTA V Cheaters?

Cheating is all fine and dandy when it's done as the developers intended, and cheats have always been a large part of the GTA series. GTA5Cheats looks at whether Rockstar might implement a "cheater's pool" (ala Max Payne 3) into the multiplayer aspect of Grand Theft Auto V.

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Wuket2057d ago

I like the idea of keeping it separate. You could still get achievements... plus imagine multiplayer with certain cheats enabled.... it would be crazy/carnage!!

porkChop2057d ago

That's not really what they're talking about though. This is for people who use hacks or mods. Things like invincibility, auto aim, wall hacks, infinite ammo, etc. In Max Payne 3 they get put into a "Cheater's Pool" so that they can only play with other cheaters, which makes the game much less enjoyable for them. That way the legit players can have a good time without having to worry about cheaters coming in and ruining their game.

Wuket2055d ago

Maybe they need three different "areas" then - the third for "illegitimate" cheats

FlyingFoxy2056d ago

Keep GTA V off of GFWL and only Steam when it comes to PC.

Have modes customizable like in San Andreas MP and it will be great, as long as there isnt a small player cap so we can have at least 50+ players and full open world with no restrictions

Wuket2055d ago

Yeah Steam is a good idea.

porkChop2055d ago

All of Rockstar's recent PC releases have used Steam, so I'd say it's a safe bet.